The Mlify game show

The “Mlify game show” is hmm…
Let’s say it’s a non interactive video game.

I created it for an art exhibition which took place in France at the begining of this month: “Walk home project #4”.
This piece of art was projected on a commercial street window, so every body walking on that street was able to watch it.

Obviously, it has been made using Blender !
Watching it on a computer’s screen doesn’t make a lot of senses, but, anyway, this is the link:
(quicktime required)

:o :smiley: :o

I laughed my head off ( compliment ). Always enjoyed your stuff- It seems to get more polished with time, but hasn’t lost what I like about it. What kind of store was it projected on? what kind of reactions did people have to it?

And you had it projected?
Take a bow.
Another point for blender animation.

BTW did you do compositing on this?It looks great.

heh… great stuff again. maybe a bit long on the drop down part, but otherwise I liked it.


That is classic. I can just imagine passers-by…

Wait a second - there’s a strange penguin-thing falling from a helicopter!

How did you make the clouds repeat? Did you have a repeating sequence, or was it all different?

Good one.

love it! Great music too! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Let’s say it’s a non interactive video game.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

f**in* love it !!!

I was tinkering similar [ gameish ] approach for a certain festival in Germany. I’m stuck however - I should find a way how to implement some simple enough (and with goodlooking result) python controller that would function as a sort of animation - gamelogic, with simple collision stuff … . I did something similar in 2003, with tempo-matched movement etc. (not quite in sense of animusic, but it worked)

But I need to do it now and my python is just as good as dead atm.

Good thing: I found a speedy scanline lighting solution - fakeGi dome with basic lights - with spheric inv. square fallof, using a gradient map PLUS one buffershadowed spotlight. it just works and gives crisp render.

oh, yeah, and inverse light for sopht shaddowz. they can even be tinted. (need to be properly linked, most elegant solution is again with python)

other option is to just use c4d and bvh data. it looks different but it’s very good for another concept I have.

edit: removed some typos

quote :" It seems to get more polished with time"
Oh shit ! That’s bad !

It wasn’t projected on a store, just on a first level flat.
If i get a photo of the expo, i’ll post it here.

the clouds animation is just a looping IPO.

Tedi, I’m not sure i understand your post, is it about blender engine ?

Great work :slight_smile: I enjoyed it and the tune went well with it.

no, i didn’t mean the game-engine, i was reffering just to custom python controlling script i used in a project to take care of scene animation, which was tempo-synced to actual audio. so this was a sort-of engine. not the blender’s one.