the modeling/animation paradox

this subjects is more of a theoretical point of view on the difficulty that a 3d artist face as soon as he start producing work,
and that is, i noticed that in today area its easy to produce a photo realistic images using the advanced ray tracing renderers like cycles,

but when it comes to the animations, the story is not the same
the problem is that producing a life like animations is not that easy, most people will be able to produce a cartoonish like animations if they want to, but not every one can make a life like animations,

and this i think was one of the hidden reasons why i didn’t get too much into animating and focused only on modeling

I think it’s because most of what we see is some kind of simulations. Or maybe everything?

It’s very difficult job to animate with legacy methods even simple things like when you take a cup of coffee and drink from it. Think about it, your fingers got pressed on the surface of the cup. When you take it out of the table, the coffee has some kind of water simulation in the cup and if the coffee is very hot, the steam flows from the cup. If you have eye glasses, it might happen that the steam might condense on them for a second. And then all the facial expressions of that when you drink it.

The amount of job is insane and you might work whole month with it and still find new things.

But in the other hand. It is not wrong to do cartoonish animations. Actually if you wanna do super realistic and you don’t need very much special effects, like dragons etc, why not do it with ordinary video camera?

so you are suggesting that we need a new and more simulating tools to do animations with, it will be interesting to start simulating most of our animations instead of key recording

where is the paradox?

Motion capture was a big failure because it did real life motion but with uncanny looking people. Animation is an art that has to convey emotions with motion.