The Modern Nerd

New version:

Old version:

Finally finished my new project “The Modern Nerd”. Work time around 20h, made in Blender Cycles with textures from Hope you like it
Feedback is always highly welcomed.


This is so cool. I love all the little details and how you showed that nerds these days are not always poorly dressed with glasses. The hacking book is also funny xD Keep up the good work!

eyes need some work. if you can see the white above the iris this means: crazy eyes. and to be honest i like my nerds the old way, because there is allways something to discover. this is nerdmagic. my opinion.

@S-Markt the crazy eye part was intended, but here is another version with less crazy eyes:

Thank you for your feedback.

the lighting and the materials look nice, the only thing I would say is the rigging, I think it’s cussing this problem on her knees and leg’s, but everything else is awesome, she looks cute with her socks, beside, dont people like nerds?

@alf0 Can you maybe name the problem there is with her knees/legs? Thank you btw and I don’t know if people like nerds in general, I do xD

OK real leg’s bend to the side’s as well as the tights, because thy push each other’s, and if you can see her leg is actually colliding with the tights, and making this sharp bend on her knee, so the only way is to add tow more bones near the knee on on the leg’s and the tights, and use a constraint to control them, so when the knee bends thy bend to the sides as well, or may be I am wrong, also she almost look like if she isn’t using her shoulders, and about the nerds, I think thy are cute like this one especially her socks :slight_smile:

@alf0 I see what you mean. In the 3D view the legs do actually bend to the side, but due to the lighting it isn’t really visible in the render. Thank you for your feedback never the less, it was helpful ^^ And I do like nerds as well xD

Great work, but two things just stand out to me.

  1. The dead eyes.
  2. Skin that makes her look like a sex doll or something.

Make the top eye lids lower, so it looks like she is actually staring at the computer and change the skin material a bit (give it more imperfections and such).