The moebius aircraft

Hello !
I’ve decided to create a scene based on an illustration by Moebius.

Iv’e started with the balloon and the suspended “nacelle”.

The inside structure…


The shader of the screwed tubes…

Tout cela m’a l’air très prometteur.

All this looks like very promising.

Für mich sieht es sehr vielversprechend aus. (While I was at it…) :wink:

En français dans le texte !
Sorry, but for the german version ich spreche nicht deutsch :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support

The front fireball and the “cauldron”

This is the Cycles render but I will mix this with some particles around the fireball surface

how did you do the srcewed parts ?
oscuart may be ?

looking nice

i assume this is done in cycles

happy cycles

I’ve started with 5 joined empty circles and I’ve used a “screw” modifier to make a “rope”. Then, the most difficult was to join the polygons of the rope beginning.

Here’s a first render of the aircraft…

Connaissant la difficulté qu’il y a à passer de la 2D à la 3D, j’aime de plus en plus. Je garderai pour moi toute critique sur une certaine couleur que je ne nommerai pas (le bleu au milieu) puisqu’il s’agit d’un travail en cours. :wink:

(En Français dans le texte parce que je suis Normand. J’ai traduit en Anglais parce que c’est la langue des forums. La version allemande, c’etait juste pour dérouiller ma seconde langue. J’étais lancé…)

I’m loving it more and more, knowing the difficulty of the transition from 2D to 3D. I’ll just withhold any criticism about a certain color which must remain unnamed (the blue in the middle) since it’s only a WIP. :wink:

(In French because I live in Normandy. I translated in English because that’s the language of the forums. The german version allowed me to shake a bit of rust from my second language. Just some momentum…)

ou est la regle que la langue du forum est en Anglais?

qu’est ce que ca represente est - ce d’une bande dessine ou science fiction ?


ThanX very beaucoup :slight_smile:
You don’t like the blue of the screwed tubes ?

Les deux mon capitaine !
I try to translate : Both of them Dude :slight_smile:
This is Comics and SciFi because Moebius is a French illustrator who draw SciFi Comics (moreover he worked on a “Silver Surfer” version for Marvel) and I try to render it in CGI in order to animate it.

always be carefull
ok but be carefull not to do same thing as texture or you might have some copyright problems

some company really don’t like to be copied !

but it’s looking good!

happy blendering

You’re 200% right !

Here’s a last render with the particle compositing.

Now I launch the render animation and I go to bed.

Good night :slight_smile:

The animation render is finished.
This is not the final version but it was a good test for the particles emitters and the environment and style of the global scene…

Please leave me your comments :slight_smile:

here’s a new version of the animation with animated grass and the forecast…

It’s getting better and better! The videos are nice too, tho a bit agitated. The grass shakes too much and I don’t think the gondola should swing that way. Such a beautiful vehicle can only move graciously, even if the gondola must react to the centripetal acceleration because of the way it is built. The picture would be totally ruined if you have to add passengers bent over the rail of the gondola because they’re seasick. :wink: