The Mole

This is a textured version of my model of The Mole from the classic Thunderbrids TV series.

The main issue I had with this was deciding between realism and fidelity. I wanted it to look cool, but the “real” reference for this is a plastic model from the 60s… so… it’s hard to really strike a balance.

I hope you like it anyway. I plan to make Thunderbird 2 next and render them together in the same scene.

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Nice work! Great textures.

This is great! It looks real - in the sense of photoreal, it looks like photos of a model, which I think was partly what you were aiming for, so good work!

I can’t wait to see T2, that was always my favourite.

Thank you! Textures were done in Substance Painter (no surprise there)

Thank you and exactly. The image I am trying to replicate is a plastic model from the TV show, so I think “photo realism” has to be relative. Glad it kind of hits the spot I was going for though.

T2 was my favorite too :slight_smile: Though I also had a soft spot for T3 (the few times you actually saw it).

Photo perfect, yes. looks like a miniature. Excellent.

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Very nice and detailed. Although you could try scaling it up because at this point it looks like a miniature model. But still, verry well made.