The Monkey is not healthy

I export the Monkey to a .obj file and import the file to FreeCAD. When checking the mesh there are two classes of errors, Duplicate points and Self-intersections, see image below.

Using the Repair function left the Monkey with missing faces, and it did not perform well according to what is expected from a mesh in FreeCAD. However, exporting any other mesh from Blender, cube, torus etc., works flawless.

Is there any easy way to fix the monkey in blender addressing the two issues raised above, and shown in the screenshot?


Using blender-2.90.1-windows64, and FreeCAD 0.19 (22894)

Suzanne is a non-manifold mesh.
It is made of 3 opened surfaces (1 head/2 eyes).

What is expected by a CAD software is a closed surface.
You just have to connect properly eyes to the head to obtain a closed surface.
And then, to subdivide and smooth the result, to obtain something that is not intersecting with itself.

Suzanne is a 3D object made to be rendered by a 3D render engine of an animation software.
It was not made to be 3D printed or become an object in real world.


Ok, thanks