The Monster's Tea Party

Well, what do you think? I rather like the image so far. I plan to add some more details to the environment (bookshelves and such) but I’d like some crits about what’s here already. Are the characters’ expressions easy to read? Is the girl too creepy-looking? The monster doesn’t look malevolent, does he? Hope you like it… :eyebrowlift:


I really, really like it as is

looks kewl
only crit is to make the textures a bit less plain (mostly on just the girls dress, the skin, and the monsters skin/hair)

There’s something cool about this picture. The dark portion at the bottom makes me think of the unconscious with it’s ‘monsters’, and the stairs for the little girl inviting her down to have a look and make friends with it. Just my take! :wink:

The monsters face is a little bit too vivid, and overall I think would tone down his color, but otherwise I like it very much. Looks like you put a lot of work into it.

Yeah, very cool, but like goosey said, I think the monster’s colour is a bit bright, even if it is to add a comic effect. Just darken a bit, or move away from bright pink.

The lighting also needs some work, but overall it’s looking great.

As far as i can tell the monster is loooking at the girls feet, and both characters look a little stiff, certainly the monstes pose somehow doesn’t look natural. And as the room is mostly green this would reflect on the monster slightly making him look a bit more dull in colour than he is at the moment.

Very nice start.

the girl needa a little bit of work

Care to elaborate on that?

I think I’ll try tweaking the monster a bit, maybe tone him down to a purplish color. I still want him to look garish, though: it’s part of my “artistic vision.” I’ll also see if I can make the poses look less stiff. Thanks for the crits so far!

Care to elaborate on that?

well her skin tone dosent look quite right and she needs to bend more at her joints, other than that, looking good (i love the monster, he makes me laugh ;))

Intresting picture! I like it!

The girl does need a little work though… It doesn’t look like she has any thumbs. And I think the polka dots on her dress are a tad too big. You might also want to change her expression a bit…giver her one raised eyebrow, and maybe make her looking at the monster kinda slantedly.

The monster itself could use a little work as well, I would twiddle around with the materials a bit. Maybe give him some color ramps. Exept the eyes, they’re good. Definantly make him look less stiff, I might also try working with his anatomy, maybe give him huge hands and feet, maybe give gim a huge head and tiny body…he just looks too human right now.

The enviornment is great! Leave that as it is!

Great image!:yes:

How’s this? Better? Note that to speed rendering up a bit the AO settings are a bit lower. Adjusted poses, modified monster color, added various objects.


Monster looks better, girl’s dress looks better…I think you should make her fingers diffrent sizes. You know, make the middle finger the longest, then the pointer and ring. I think that would fix a lot about her fingers. Might also help the monster look more natural if his arms were bent. That’s all I can see…

Make the monster kinda lean back and relax a bit. It’s not like he’s about to get tazed right?

I like the expression of the girl in the first one better - her face looks more worried. Also I think the outspread arms convey more of a sense of reluctance than the arms in the second image. Other than that, the only thing that I would alter in the image now is the wall texture, only slightly so as to make the tiling less obvious. As it is now, there is a particular vertical line in the texture which repeats itself and draws my eye. You’ll see it, as it’s the only noticeable vertical line on the wall.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. The image made me giggle. I like the expressions on both their faces.

That is great! Nice work :smiley:

Make the monster kinda lean back and relax a bit

I dunno, I think he looks good in the pose, he looks very lady like and is sitting up straight as you would at a posh tea party (especially with his little finger sticking out), it adds to the comical effect.

Thanks for your support! Check out this thread to see the finished product.