The Moon Has Come - LD30 - Downloads

Hey guys! I just finished my LudumDare 30 game so I thought I’d post it here.

The theme for this LudumDare was “Connected Worlds”.

So based on that theme I created a game were you have to escape the earth because an asteroid collided with the moon causing the moon to slowly drift towards the planet.

My game is a 2D runner where you have to run and jump your way to your rocket where you will then be off to the mars colony.

Hope you enjoy! Files are at the bottom.

SpaceBar: Jump

Some Screenshots:

Windows exe: link (dropbox 40.46 MB)
blend files: link (dropbox 1.078 MB) - open the “Opening.blend” if you use this one.

Nice sounds cool!!

EDIT: :frowning: dropbox download says it’s malicious

It’s probably just because of the low download count. I’ll reupload the smaller blend files to blender artists tomorrow.
EDIT: My antivirus says they’re clean

Ok it’s probably just something from my internet then.

Not bad, but it’s nothing special.
The default cube speed was a little too slow for my liking, so I set it to 0.08… then things got out of control.
Never did manage to get to the end, either. :[

I do like the random level spawning, I’ll give ya that.
Good job!