The MorMors quest for analog skills....

I have decided to learn to draw.
The reason for this is because I feel that my disability to draw affects my ability to model things in blender. Up until now i have learned lots about the various functions and features in blender and it would be quite fair to say that i have become quite a experienced blender user (Although there is still lots and lots to learn) but my ability to model things like humans, animals and other complex things is still quite limited and I think that learning to draw what I want to model would be a great asset.

i have decided to post all of my work here so that you guys could help me out on my way to actually learning to put pictures on a paper using a stick witch makes the part of the paper it touch darker.

This is my first attempt since like grade school to paint a human face.
I am rather pleased with the result considering it to be my first try in a long while considering my drawing skills to be quite limited.

Some things witch I realise are wrong is the fact that her ey is way to far to the right and the nose where really hard to get down and its still a bit… like hard to see (although it was like that on the reference picture as well), the hair is also a bit weird but its no big deal really and the body looks a bit weird to but I didn’t spend that much time at it.

Looks pretty good for not being good at drawing. The face doesn’t seem to have as much shading as the body so it looks weird. Good job otherwise, its probably better than I could do.

Thanks magic man :smiley: I hadnt really noticed that but now when you said it i really see it. It kinda looks a bit like her face is a mask.

Did another one. I used the same reference picture and i think that this one turned out way better than the old one. The hair is still pretty ugly and the shading is a bit uneven witch makes the picture look dirty. i will add the body tomorrow.

Did a new face today… although I’m not that very pleased it didn’t turn out that much better than the one i did yesterday, her face is way to long and that is why i took one picture with an angle and the pen i used was way to hard which made it hard to crate good shadows.

Taken directly above.

Taken with an angle.

better angled, except the forehead’s kinda short.

good job on these, I couldn’t draw this well until I’d drawn like 100 faces… then again, maybe I’m just a slow learner

Drawing is a technical skill anyone can learn. Its pretty much like swimming in that sense.

Just practice it and you will be a master in no time.

MorMor - turn the picture you are copying upside down and then try drawing it. Oh and get some decent paper, cheapo white photocopying paper or something.

hehe :stuck_out_tongue: i used the flipped method on this one :stuck_out_tongue: well i drawed half of it flipped.

The face looks flat. Don’t be afraid to use a 6b pencil to give the drawing more depth. Think in terms of the heads tone spectrum, from the very light tones to the very dark tones. Try to capture this in your drawing. Keep it up and keep practicing. You might want to construct your drawing from 3d blocks to maintain proportion if you are going for near-realism.
The reference picture

This is the latest pictures that i made and I’m rather pleased with it. Of course there is a infinite amount of improvements to be made but i really don’t see any huge errors except some shading errors (especially the lips) and that the hair looks weird because i dint have a popper pencil.

Unlike my former portraits I now sketched out everything first before I started with the shading and I really think it paid off.

Post pro with gimp. gave it some better contrast.

That is some serious improvement in a month’s time, my friend. The chin / neck area looks a little wonky, but overall this is lightyears beyond your first post. Well done, and keep it up. The hair is great.
As for the chin, it looks to be a bit small, if you look at the distance from the mouth to the bottom of the chin. Your lines are looking a lot more confident, as well. MORE DRAW!!!

Thanks alot Squiggly_P!
I know about the chin i had some real problems making it look good she always came out to fat looking so i had to redo the chin like 15 times.

Did this one just recently. I wanted to paint something without any reference at all so i just started to draw this one. I’m quite pleased with the shading but as you can see i dint use any perspective at all so hats why it looks so ultra unnatural and the background just got fucked up. I used a lined paper because i dint want to wast a good blank one on a exercise like this.

C&C really appreciated.

Considering your a beginner that is astonishing…
I have been drawing for about 11 years now, and I dont get certain aspects of it, such as shadows, but you seem to have the hang of it! three thumbs up !

Man… if you have been drawing for 11 years and have missed out on shadows i recommend you to fix that right away. I would definitely recommend reading a book or a online tutorial like this one

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Well yes ofcourse I know how to make shadows, but I always mess themem up, displace them and stuff, but you add them close to perfectly :slight_smile:

Oh and that tutorial is great! Thanks mate :slight_smile:

If you are interested in anatomy try this and this , or any of his other 150+ videos on anatomy.

i have seen them but not watched them. I guess i should take time and watch em all trough.

But there are so many… and I get kinda crazy of the “ehs”. It’s like “And now you put an X on the eh… eh…the…eh… middle…eh…then as you can eh… can…can…eh…see his chest will look … etc etc”
The best tutorials I’ve seen, but they are so booring…

DaVinci realized that realism starts with geometry and proportions. Otherwise, esp. faces, look like Down or alien or genetically disfigured. in your taken directly above, her eyes are not halfway up her head, so her forehead is too short; which is why the angle pic looks better, but as a straight-on pick (law of trangles). In the reference pic, her head is tilted AWAY from camera, so her forehead is smaller, but her chin is more pronounced since it is closer to camera. Keep at it, bud!

James i know what ya mean. He should just write the tutorials and have some one else read them because he is so… eh … mm… sl… no… ee… slow.