the morning of doom

Got a no eyed creature phase going at the moment.
This is the “morning of doom”.
Created with 2.5-2 and photoshop.

Lots of problems with blender crashing when too many particles or duplicates are used.
This doesn’t happen with the same file on older versions of blender which seam quite happy to render out most thing I throw at it, though older version takes 4x longer to render anything out, so its a trade off for now.

Also having no mix button for AO caused problems getting the look consistent with my other work.

Found materials and lighting results in 2.5 differs quite a lot from older blender versions.

This is awesome, your creature goes great with the scene. You also have a lot of detail in and great lighting in the back! This could turn into a good animation if you wanted to spend the time on it.

Love, Love, Love it. Love your style, and your design. Top notch stuff. Keep it up.

Superb work mate! Really look the feel of it and nice composite. Stupendous work.

Its awesome… I like your style…

except for that big black dot on top right… its really disturbing the whole scene’s composition and harmony.

Great work and i agree with most comments here. Would love to see it animated.

this is awesome!

This is really cool looking. 4 Stars.

It’s really dynamic looking, is that in part from Blender or mostly the postwork in Photoshop? Just curious.

Eye imagine the ears as i’s.

Hahah, this is awesome. Makes me laugh too :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the comments guys

That’s a nice picture! Quite funny indeed.

nice inspiring work, reminds me to be less stuck up and more creative with my 3D work. Great stuff!

Nice, I immediately chuckled!

i like it.
a suggestion, under the layers box in scene settings, you can turn on “AO pass” and exclude it from the composite render, and then add/subtract/multiply/mix/divide/screen/lighten/darken/whatever you want with it :slight_smile:

My favorite is the house and the snow on it.

thanks for that tip spacetug, will give it a try.



Awesome, this should go in the gallery. The doughnuts are a nice touch. It’s like Japanese Salvador Dali meets the smurfs.
(edit) I do have one crit though. The texture on the stick of the three pronged popsicle plant could be improved by tuning the scale of, or using a proxy object for the map input of the texture.

This is a great one. I applaud to you, sir.

Looks like Murakami Takashi blenderized. Awesome work.

Awesome! such a unique style, and the detail on the closeups is breathtaking :o