The Morning Train

Hey Guys,

Pretty new to posting work here so apologies if anything is off the mark. This is more or less the first ‘complete’ scene i’ve made in blender. Been at it for on and off a while but more seriously for about 12 months now. The image is intended to serve as concept work for a game im working on with a couple of other indie devs.

Feed back and critique always welcome.

EDIT: There’s a phenomenal display of skill in these forums. Amazing! Also added a subsequent, lighter and better colour gauged varient. (The redder and less snow bound image)


Overall, I think that the image is nice. It seems to lack focus though. What’s the subject? I do not see train at all. Right now, it just looks like a bridge to nowhere. If you get that reference…well, we can talk. LOL

I think I would suggest, perhaps, less mountains and zoom in a bit, and show us the train.

Like I said…it’s not bad, it just could use more focus, I think.

I agree with tc2466, and also the light falls on the mountain which has a lot of very very sharp detail (too sharp?) Light + detail makes the light side of the mountain the focus of your image. You might want to recenter the focus to the bridge (I guess).

Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. I agree with you on all counts and it’s something i’ll bare in mind in future projects.

oh, and have you tried applying a blur node set to relative, X 0.1% and Y 0.1% (or more) to your image? It can help make it look like a photograph as well as reducing the noise and alisiasing.