The most amazing abandoned sketch to 3D program you have never heard of

Sketch to 3D, is it really possible ?
Mini-documentary :: The most amazing abandoned 3D program you have never heard of

Who would have thought that someone would map the way we drawing so directly to 3D.
2D lattice for the win !


The reason programs like what he is talking about went away is because other programs are so much better. This youtuber seriously need to learn how to sculpt. You don’t have to select vertices or even add points to a 2D lattice in the programs. Just click on the model in whatever view you like and use the Grab brush. If when you grab it and move it does not look detailed enough use the Simplify brush with Dyntopo on. If you want even more detail go to Dyntopo in the Simplify brush and lower the Detail Size to a lower number. To get the lattice deformation he loves so much there is a program called Fit Lattice, another one called Deform PRO, and a third called Bezier Mesh Shape.

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I am “this youtuber”, ha ha ha
Will reply better in a few after reading your comment completely a couple of times.

I don’t spend all these time making this video to “pick a fight”, I am sharing my joy.

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OK, I have looked through the add-ons that you have suggested.

First off, they are all useful and addresses the ridiculous…just shear ridiculousness of the current Blender lattice workflow so I do appreciate all their hardwork and your sharing of these wonderful individual’s effort.

I am sure just you dropping those links are going to help a number of people already.

However, if I may be be allowed to be a little impugent, the 2D lattice still comes unto itself an absolutely radical concept strong enough to hold its own ground.

The grab tool in sculpt is useful, I use it too when I sculpt, actually it is the only one of three tools that I use in sculpt, namely grab, layer(with cumulative on), and smooth brush.

I for one am so glad Blender finally implemented…sorry…I mean “fixed” the super strong smooth brush so that it now have the option to only remove high frequency noises, hopefully that will be the default option someday so it doesn’t trip beginners up as this is probably the number one reason people use the smooth brush in the first place.

@anon62435837 Check this out

New link:

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I love EVERYTHING in that article, thank you for taking the time to drop some love and sharing !
I will reply back when I am done reading everything !

Watching the “True2Form” demo kinda depresses me.
It looks amazing, from 2014…no release…just all talk…“videos” as I have mentioned in my video.
I need to pass my thesis…so let’s make a great demo and lie !
It’s ok, I wouldn’t release it…nobody know it’s not true, I only need to make it “sound” true, add in lots of buzz words in my video and get me that pHD !

Archipelis, oh that’s worth a look !

The other program: “”, the site is dead.

Dust3D…I tried it…I really want to understand how to use it…but it is just so…esoteric…
I kinda feel ashamed that I don’t get this program.

MagicalSketch looks like a faithful clone of the spirit of Teddy, but it lacks the GOD tool, the 2D lattice as mentioned in my video.

So no joy :frowning:

Are you the author of this wonderful article ?
It is always nice to know someone who shares the same passion !

I am not the author, just wanted to share :slight_smile:

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And I appreciate you for it :smiley:

Thanks for this link.
This one clay point clouds tool looks very promising

Ha ha. Sorry about being so harsh. I would have put it nicer had I know you were the youtuber. It was a pleasant video to watch. I like your passion and the way you talk. The truth is all the detail cannot be given from drawing in 2D. AI could make it better, but for now there is nothing.

The tools I mention for deformation is the Blender tools. If you want something even closer to what is being looked for there is one in Cinema 4D called a Camera Deformation. The following video shows how to set it up, but he is wrong in that it does actually deform the geometry. All you have to do is switch out of the camera view so see the geometry is actually changed. Then to commit the changes from all the deformers say current state to object.

With this you can set up as many cameras as you want and deform the shape in a 2D fashion.

There is also a program still supported called Moment of Inspiration or Moi for short. I don’t encourage using it because things can be made faster without it. If you enjoy using it though that is all that matters.

Even with that though I highly encourage you to learn sculpting in Blender. Here is a video that give some good tips.

Retoplology can be hard so I recommend Retopoflow, but if you really want to be lazy there is Quad Remesher. If you grind through learning how to retopologize without Quad Remesher it has some good payouts.

Good luck on your journey. The most important thing is to have fun. If you are not having fun you will quit and that is what will make you a bad artist. The only thing you need to make amazing art is a ton of practice, so have fun so you can get that in. Make stupid things that make you laugh. Make anime characters if you like that. If you love shiney metal you will learn how to make shiney metal fast. Whatever just keep at it.

Big Hug :smiley:

Hey thanks- I wrote the article btw (I write about digital art related things on my blog “The Art Squirrel”)

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Hi again. I updated the article about Sketch based Digital 3D Modelling and Drawing in 3D with a link to a Blender addon called SpeedSculpt. It has similar features to the Quickdraw one, but I also noticed a lattice tool. Not sure if it is quite the same as the Teddy one probably not), but it looks promising.

Hey - this article’s been deleted - why? Can we have it Back please?

@justwannapost author of the article @Christine_Garner has moved blog to the new website

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I moved my articles from Medium to their own website a while ago because people with mobiles had to download a Medium app just to see them and Medium puts adverts all over them. Sorry I didn’t say earlier, I got notified today because @aware mentioned me in the reply to you with the updated link to the article.

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ah ok - took a look, I’ll go through it more later, it looks good, lots of info :slight_smile: The website ITSELF looks very interesting! :slight_smile:

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Hi Christine,
I went through the “2d sketch to 3D” page at my leisure a bit more, there’s a LOT of important info over there, thanks so much for putting it up! :slight_smile: The rest of the site has great info, too! Why don’t you just put an ad on it? :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hey Christine - I just told someone about your site the other day - maybe he/she’ll go to it! :slight_smile:

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