The most amazing physics simulations i have ever seen.

Id give this guy my lifes savings if he made blender do that (I only have like 5 dollars but its the thought that counts)

This isn’t possible in Blender?

Not SPH -> Cloth I think, also the remeshing of SPH particles to a mesh is tricky. I guess it could be done, but can’t be python based, there’s gotta be a underlying C code for that for decent speed.

Molecular Addon looks impressive, it kinda lacks the meshing of particles though but the particle view could be simulated with that addon + blender.

Also mixing two fluid with different densities are an issue.

A strong Open Source contestant for SPH particles could be

would be a neat workflow of having the SPHs on GPU and reaching X00.000 particles at interactive frame rates. then when satisfied being able to bake the sim, where CPU can take over for meshing

I must admit, this is really really fine fluid stuff!

My molecular addons and the Fluid particles physics do a part of this. Probably not has fast and with a high particles count like this ( but I already simulate 4 millions particles with Molecular and already see a 8millions particles with fluid particles )
I currently working on a mesher and I did a test about doing a MPM solver ( in the FLIP familly ).

Hey pyro, thanks for all the hard work on the molecular add-on, some awesome things are possible with it. I got really excited about those mesher images you posted the other week, any more progress? Any meshed animations yet?

I do love your addons :smiley: They are very nice!

Also is there a way to make stuff float in the current fluid sim not like a cheap work around with softbodies xD

Pyro just posted a teaser to what he is alluding to on youtube. Awesome.


ok pyro you get my 5 dollars xD

wow molecular is getting amazing

BTW one of those movies, wondered me for blender, would this be possible ? :

Suddenly i see a range of Blender disaster movies if possible…

This type of particle based, position based dynamics, etc, is evolving quickly right now, very cool.

VFX is about layering, so anything is possible using any package, really, it’s just about breaking it down and simming it bit by bit, putting it together in comp, layering it with filmed assets etc… it’s like this. If you could do Starship Troopers* with Softimage 3.5 in 1997, you can do 100x more in Blender today - well, if you got 100 people working for 6-9 months doing the VFX…

(* my favourite example as it was an impossible film to make in '97, but they did it anyway)

Its possible to paint the whole animation in MS paint but that wasnt his question he wants to know if blenders simulations have this functionality xD

I also wonder if it is possible to make fluids interact with objects and move them / make them float

Yeah that’s cool and all. But have you played Donkey Kong 64?

IDK if i can run it… Crysis is nothing compared to DK64

The Uni Freiburg Researchers have been involved with some of the most interesting SPH papers in the last few years. Really interesting stuff.