The most annoying thing ever.... EVER

okay so I’ve been working with blender for years and years and i know almost everything there is to know when it comes to modeling with it… but then i wanted to try animation… see i usually do architecture, buildings and stuff but i can do characters just not moving ones. Anyway i started learning the rigging process in blender, everything seems pretty easy accept that one thing… it bugs me so much i wanna cry… where is the “don’t edit the freakin’ back facing” button? I blur the weight maps and then turn the model around and the back of the weight map is screwed over, I paint and it paints the other side as well, the mirroring only works sometimes and i’ve tried setting the origin point… it still seems like it chooses when it wants to work… but I’m getting off track, the main thing i want is to know how to not have my paint bleed through the model… and hopefully another way than “select the faces to mask…” cause even that bleeds through the model so i have to select them one by one, or switch to edit mode every time… :mad: