The Most Beautiful Beach

…is a virtual beach. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
so I am doing a research on how to simulate wet granular matter like f.e. sand. And I was wondering if I can get wet look from simple object and texture - visualisation part of the simulation.
Well, octane seams to do a pretty good job on it, don’t you think?
Hope you will like it, too.

As always Blender vs. Octane.

Can’t see the attach
Is it just me?


This is really clever.

Well done but…the thing near the first pebble it’s a piece of glass? I won’t risk my feet:no:

very nice!

Looks cool :clap:

Wish I could visit.

Nice job. The sand looked perfect.

Yes sparazza I addited the main post. I have made a mistake during uploading the image. It is the same image as before just wrong version. Sorry about that.
Well I did not expect such a good reaction after single day.
Thank you all, I really appreciate it.