The Most Confusing Program?

So just curious, whats the most confusing program you have ever tried to use?


no, for me it’s houdini - it’s so cool, but too complicated

3D Professional for the Amiga.


Back when I was new to linux, and the CLI in general. Now it’s no problem though.

lol linux would proly be the hardest for me…

Mainly because all I had to learn from were massive tech manuals. I had access to the system and a seat, but no instructors. Blew me away…

Linux. Not so much the OS itself, just learning how to do things with BASH.

Axum. A now defunct graphing program. Need to change the title of a graph, that’'ll be 10 mouse clicks. Need to change the symbols of your data points=welcome to RSI.

When I first started with blender I think it qualifies.

Jeskola Buzz

installing Ogre was a son of a BITCH!!

Then for no apparent reason it just broke. Now I have all these bits and pieces all over my harddrive and my registry and I don’t know what they do or remember any of their names. I probably have 5 copies of Ogre on my harddrive and none of them work whatsoever =(

Finale 2006. wtf were they thinking.

ha ha ha, Jeskola buzz, wasn’t that a modular based music editor,
never could figure that one out.:spin::spin::spin:

I think vi is it for me.

Heh, for me emacs was the evil one. I think I nearly reformatted my hard drive just trying to quit the program. I eventually just killed it. [Yes, I love my WordStar editors:yes:]

These days I can escape OK but I’ve avoided firing it up for near on ten years now…

As for ‘most confusing’ I don’t know. Do operating systems count?

Vi it is. But when one get used to it, it is nice.

yeah, something like that. all i know is… it’s a piece of shit. lol

The malbolge interpreter. Well, it’s more the language but I think it qualifies.

3ds Max 5, Oh how I hated that program!

AVID… I usually can get a pretty good idea of how to use any app after an hour or 2 of just messing around, but that app… well, after 4 hours I “kinda” understood how to use it but it was still so complicated that I wanted to throw my comp out the window. It’s like, you can’t do anything unless you know all the shortcuts of all the functions by heart. And there’s a lot of them. I felt the app was slowing me down way too much. I think this is the kind of app where you need somebody to teach you. And I prefer learning by myself.

So I’m back and happy using Premiere or Final Cut thank you.

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