The most efficient OpenGL Lights panel (with presets system)

Hi Carbon2,

A great BRAVO for your addon because now I re-love my Suzann for begin a scene!
With all your presets so nice!
Suzanne is beautiful with your great add-on!
Bye bye from France.

one last from you added :wink:

Hello, for people that use opengl light to sculpt, since some version of Blender, the opengl lights are brighter in sculpt mode than in object mode, no idea why it’s done like this, but as you can see :

Object Mode :

Sculpt Mode :

If for an opengl light preset or self made one you want keep the same light brightness in sculpt mode that you have in object mode, you need to go to the Sculpt mode “Options” tab and enable “Show Diffuse Color” :

Thanks @Sanctuary , indeed a goog tip!

That is still awesome^^

I love this addon.

Mentioned this addon in my video description, with a short demonstration in the begining (on Susanne)
I think, that GIF from first post also deserves to be updated =)

Thank you! This is a great help!

You’re right! The old one was poor a bit… Made a new one and changed it.
Glad to see people using it :slight_smile:

Also added link to special thanks here =)

could somebody point me to the docs on how to setup Studio/Clinical type lighting??

Im trying to get a way to do some skin bakes but i need lights that cast just enough shadow to define shapes (i have been getting either overblown highlights or black shadows)

In opengl?

in anything at this point right now im running on an intel atom netbook (so my graphics SUCK)

This add-on is really useful, but how do I save a new preset? And I want to mention that the default Blender lighting is not the current Blender lighting, but the old one from 2.49 (I guess).


I made a new one, similar to the 3DS max shading. And also my usual blender shading preset, which probably I made so long time ago that I supposed it was the 2.5 default lighting.
Give it a look and decide if adding them to the presets. Bye!

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  • seems like you saved a new preset successfully :slight_smile:
  • the blender default preset is what you get when you load factory settings
  • both presets are in, thanks for contribution

I just started using this addon and it makes everything so much better to work with.
You can see your work and I don’t have to squint anymore… Thank you for this great addon.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

I prefere a more maya like OpenGL setup…
here is my settings…

#Set OpenGL lights to Maya like viewport
import bpy
l0 = bpy.context.user_preferences.system.solid_lights[0]
l1 = bpy.context.user_preferences.system.solid_lights[1]
l2 = bpy.context.user_preferences.system.solid_lights[2]

l0.use = True
l0.diffuse_color = (0.384, 0.384, 0.384)
l0.specular_color = (0.2333, 0.2333, 0.2333)
l0.direction = (-0.028169013559818268, 0.563380241394043, 0.8257173895835876)

l1.use = True
l1.diffuse_color = (00.119,0.119,0.119)
l1.specular_color = (0.070,0.070,0.070)
l1.direction = (-0.43661969900131226, -0.3661971688270569, 0.8217437267303467)

l2.use = True
l2.diffuse_color = (0.196,0.196,0.196)
l2.specular_color = (0.107,0.107,0.107)
l2.direction = (-0.2816901206970215, 0.11267605423927307, 0.9528665542602539)

Thks @kanishk2391, i agreed with you about Maya light!