The most Noobish pencil ever

I am new to Blender, and need some serious help. I am not kidding. I suck. This is the basic pencil, but i want to learn some techniques to make it look real. For example, the white parts are slightly transparent in real life. Any tips r good.


do i need to put a better pic, or is every1 ignoring me cuz im a noob


Nah im kidding, no one has replied because you only gave them 5 minutes.

Someone will reply with help eventually.

I am sorry though I cant help you cause I suck at this… :confused:

do some readin on materials I don’t think people are going to write long paragraphs of stuff that’s listed on the websites. Try the wiki and the manual and all that stuff that’s online.

THEN if you have any specific quesitons ask those questions specifically

hope that helps

thanks, magicmyshu
that does help

how do i unselect certain vertices quicker while keeping the rest

u cant do that unless you hold shift and start deselecting the vertices alone.(ATLEAST THATS WHAT I KNOW OF:rolleyes: )OH AND PLEASE SET SMOOTH!!!

You should shorten the part of the pencil that looks like this
It looks just a tad too long
Also texture in a bit of shine and make the blue a more “solid” blue.
But it looks pretty good, I think I might try to make one now.

to trak wrecka and p99 (mainly)
I took ur comments and made them a reality
this is wat i got
it looks pretty much the same to me though

I am working on texturing the white parts so they r slightly transparent
if u have any tips, plz tell me
anything helps (if its positive, at least :D)

here is the pic


from a diff. angle


this is a forum, to be honest I don’t think many of us are going to be willing to act as your personal teacher or tutor. You’ll have to take some of these things on for yourself. Everyone’s journey in blender is unique. It’s like the way of the samurai or some shat.

So while you are learning about materials others of us are learning about armatures and curve guides - you have to keep that in mind; that we all have our questions, but you have to take on the responsibility of learning a lot of it on your own.

That’s the way it is. That’s part of what makes it so cool. We’re willling to help, but honestly asking about the basic interface shows you haven’t looked on your own at all. Becuase their are bookoos of hour long video tutorials filled with exactly that kind of information and its listed on this very forum under the tag of tutorials.

have fun they are really well done and will teach you a lot.

Is that a render or a screen grab? It looks like a selected object in the Blender GUI…

Ok - I’ll make it a little easier than the bluntness of MagicMyshu (he’s right, but still kinda blunt) - Blender Manual - Grey Beard’s Video Tutorials

That should be enough to get you started.


about your question about deselecting verticies, theres also another way. you can press B and hold down the middle mouse button and drag instead of leftclick drag. same applies to double tap B:)

For starters to make this look like an ok pic.
1.Go into th edit menu whitch is located in the buttons window.
2.Find were it says Add modifier.Then click subsurf and put the first number to 2 and/or in the same menu click set smooth.
Do this to a couple of the things on you pencil.(Also instead of pressing the button you did press F12 to Render it.That makes it look better)

Goodluck on your other projects

I must say that you did much better than most n00bs I see. bravo and continue

i understand this is a forum
i just want to be better at Blender
i guess skill just comes w/ practice and time

thanks pwnage101

that tip really helps

All i want to say,that all we start from zero,and to become master in blender,this is very,very long way,and sometimes things look like impossible for understand:(