The most off the wall thread game

Ok brave and ingenious blenderheads, if you wanted to create the most off the wall thread, what would the topic be?

How about robotic battling water heaters?

What’s the point?

Great topic!!


Pixelmass… I have one thing to say to you:

And by the way, this is the most off-the-wall thread I have ever seen.

“The most sophisticated spam bot called pixelmass?”

But that’s not so off the wall…

I’d say this thread is more off the wall than Hello Kitty voting for the next president of the US.

But you do seem to master the art of making these types of threads.

Come on man. He ain’t got nothing on me!!!


So you are saying you’re a spambot!?

Expose the person who built you right now, or I will blackmail his laboratory:RocknRoll:

How about:

Dragbots, just what are they?

Haha CD. Glad to know you can be inquisitive at times. Have a great day!

My FlashDrive Has A Hole In It No Really It Does?

I fixed your quote for you.

How about:
Reasons not to use flammables in your work space?

Dode I did a thread called Zz z! and it cloesed and you know who closed it! and I`m sorry for it! :no:

How about:
I have my monitors cranked up, it is probably pissing off my neighbors, but at the moment I really don’t care?

Ha, I remember when pixelmass used to be a source of knowledge and dignity…

I like him better now.


Well, thank you, I have some serious bass things going through my body at this time. Hey, what if I were deaf?
Anyway, thanx for the better!

Oh cool…
What about thunderbolts…What are they?

Well I guess this is expected of Pixelmass. You like making dumb threads do you?