The most origional Idea EVER!

(KarbonCopy) #1

Ok, This is my first render using alot of lighting, I know it doenst compete with all you Blender pro’s out there, but i thought i’d give back something to the community.
I tired to get the lighting to look like the morning sun comming through thte window you kow illuminating everything with that dusk hue.

(jordanH) #2

yes this original controversial piece will stir the blender community…
Great work though

(KarbonCopy) #3


Isnt it origional? I mean jeeze! That took me forever to come up with.

For some reason i just couldnt make that sword look chrome. It peeved me off so bad. I have its reflection properties cranked way up, and everything, but for some damn reaon the sword wont shine! grawr!

(S68) #4


nice image, idea and mood.

The best part is the light shining in rays, pretty well done.

Now the modeling/material/texture.

Colums badly need beveling.

Personally when I make a column (among my favourite subjects) I prepare the whole profile of the whole column, with appropriately beveled corners, and then I spin as last action.

This is true also for the ‘altar’

The sword does not shine as chrome? Whell. It is too small to comment, but is it flat or is it nicely profiled and bevelled?

If it is flat you are in trouble.

If it is not then you must add an EnvMap to fake reflections. What makes crome is the reflections.

You can either add a fake envmap or a ‘realistic’ one using an empty. Just place the empty half way from altar to hilt, cast the blade on a layer of its own, add to blade a new texture, make it Refl and type EnvMap, say to the envmap not to render layer blade is in, render.

Ah, yes, also materials in columns need tweaking, above all they need a bumpmap.

Keep it up


(banana_sock) #5

i don’t see a window clearly, yet the lighting suggests there should be one visible. The altar is what i would adjust a little. It needs a bumpmap and some bevelling. Did you just put the refl value up full, or add an actual reflection? There isn’t much in the scene to reflect, so maybe just get a greyscale image and apply it to the sword? I like the lighting alot, it does give off a good mood. And where do you get your ideas from??

(UglyMike) #6

Hmmm… Nice but shouldn’t the sun’s rays be parallel? Now you can trace the origin to just outside the window… Maybe cops looking fore illigal immigrants shining a spotlight thru the window… :slight_smile:

(KarbonCopy) #7

Thanks for all your suggestions that really helps me alot.

Ok, I’m really new to the functions of Blender. I pretty much know “Extrude” “Size” “Subdivide” and a little bit of texturing, i’m not really sure how it works.

The columns were made from a circle extruded and sized differantly into a round shape, and then i put on a marble effect.

as for the sword, yea its cheap, and its flat. I’m still trying to work on that.

The window, yea…there isnt one. For some reason, when i make like a wall with a window in the middle of it, and then shine a spotlight through it wont make the light come through in the shape of the window.

like if the window is square the light comming through wont be a square when it hits the next hard surface its just a circular light all the time.

I know it sounds stupid, but just what do you mean by bevelling? i know what a bevel is, but what did you have in mind.
This is my first completed project. I’m gonna re-do it eventually.

as for the Idea, i basically built a column, then made more, then added a sword and an altar, the lighting jsut came to me as i was tweaking it up.
I never planned to make this picture, it just made itself.

can someone remind me how to seperate a certain selection of verticies from the the object, like to take a surface of a cube off of it. and move it to the side?

(wewa_juicyb) #8

Your round lamp problem is easy to solve. Click your lamp and click the shadow button that is there somewhere. Now go to the render-window amd make sure that Shadows is pressed. But uhm… after reviewing your picture it seems that your lamp is casting a shadow… So either you are not making a Window in your wall (select the “face” that is your window and press del, then select, delete faces) or you are making your window by way of an alpha map, that just plain doesn’t work in blender.


(bmax) #9

render it in lightflow!!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

that would look absolutely beatiful!!! great work!! keep it up!!! yea!!! cool!!! 8) :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: :o :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

ok, thats enough smilies for now :stuck_out_tongue: - oops thats another one…


(KarbonCopy) #10


Ok, like i said there is no window, but i’m gonna re-do the picture.

And how exactly does that spin work? i cant find it. I remember a “Lathe” button that 3d studio max had that i liked, but i didnt like that program.

(pofo) #11

I’ve got a simple tute using the spin function, go here

It’s the middle one, with the waste basket. It also explains a couple of other useful things in Blender.

Nice pic btw.

  1. pofo

(belac) #12

why waste time with light flow? blender renders faster and can do all the same stuff…

anyway… your problem with the round light, make sure that your spot lamps ‘spot size’ is high enough for the light to hit all the edges around the window, this should ensure that you get that nice square shadow… it sounds like the light is maybe just shinning through. another ‘fake’ solution would be to set the spot to a ‘square’ spot light (click the square button in the lighting window.)

looks great! keep up the good work!

(valarking) #13

Problem with the sword:

One thing to improve the pic would be to bevel more. I see alot of sharp eges and I want to see alot of round, realistic edges. PM SgtSqueaks for more info (BTW, where is he? He was posting alot not too long ago…)

(Riskbreaker) #14

Hey, KarbonCopy, nice scene. Something seems a bit off to me though…but maybe thats just me. How may lamps have you got setup?
I’d like to see the blend file, maybe i can help you out somewhere.

(TurboG) #15

Nice Picture. Inspired me to make my own :slight_smile: I posted it up now. I do think that the mains source of light should be the one shining in from the side, and all other lamps should be toned down a lot. (Lighting is always my problem, hehe). I like the shape of your sword. You tried an env map? Turn up reflection a lot and make sure that you tell it Not to render the layer the sword is in (Should be a seperate layer). To light your sword and podium, a seperate layer and layer lamps? Where did you find that texture on the floor?

(KarbonCopy) #16

Thanks. I have 3 lights set up. Two on the sides and one main one on the spotlight.

the other two lamps are turned down ALOT they just add a little bit of hue in the room.

The sword is on the same layer as the podium.