The most Polygons I ever saw.....

The most Polygons I ever saw…

What do you think??

no to ditch final render or any other renderer for that matter, but I find those polygon record very pointless since those are just instance of the same objects. It would be a real record if they were all individual objects and if the file cold fit on a normal hard drive…


/me agrees…

it’s a quite dumb scene :slight_smile:


wow! so many polys! ::droools::… the scene still doesnt look smooth though, youd think with so many polys…huff

I have to agree with the others. A bunch of copied polys does not a good image make. And it is not even a good image to look at. What the hell is it? That many polys is cool, but It could have been used in a better fashion.


Yup, you can model something pretty neat with 20k polys or so. With a hundred trillion polys you could probably model something better than that.
Say, an army of a hundred billion really detailed gnomes in strange hats wielding hatchets.
That’s a picture I’d like to see. This is just some kind of grid.

  1. pofo

ps. hmm… maybe I’ll check how few polys I can use to make something that looks like that :wink:

it would only take one… (quad, or two tris)

… but it would have to be textured.

Who cares about how many polys you have, texturing can really make it look like something…

but a great model looks good with no textures. :smiley: