The Most Realistic Grass Ever Made + Pictures

Apologies for last time when i didn’t include a picture.
As some of you will see when you see them i am only hyalf way there yet as i still need to tidy up the edges a bit and ajust the lighting some what.

there is another picture but it didn’t load properly onto my freinds server
it is

I did things the hard way and physically made each blade of grass because i wanted to get the right effect. I went out onto my lawn and actually had a look at how it is made up, after a little artistic inspection i found the grass was made of little groups. So that was how i made it.

First i made 7 different shapes of grass, 5 were 1 vertex and 2 were 3 vertexes, i then coppied each one about 50 times into this little group making it denser as i went along. Most of the really realistic pictures of grass only look good from one direction but i wanted mine to look realist even when looking down on it.

Eventually with this tuft of grass made of 500 blades i coppied it untill i was satisfied rotating each group as i went to make it look as random as possible, when i got to the square of turf you see, i copied the whole object turned it 90° and made it a different colour (i didnt use any textures on the grass). The rest was the tricky part, getting the lighting right, iwanted soft shadows so i used an area lamp with 5 samples, (i would use more but it takes ages) and with 5x antianalising so the grass looks relativly clear.
The real processor hog was the shadows for each blade of grass, i still have to get the lighting right and tweak the whole thing but i am confident that with a few more tricks of blender i will make it the most realistic grass ever made.

Not bad, too uniform in color


It’s not the most realistic grass I’ve seen. Although, maybe it’s the most realistic grass you’ve ever made.

The first image is the best one, but the reflective number really ruins the ‘realism’ of it.

The clumps are too uniform too.

There’s a script that can get the same result in a matter of seconds btw, not sure if you’ve heard of it. Do a search for “ripsting’s fiber script”.

It looks too healthy for normal grass! Grass has all these brown bits toward the roots, which are dead leaves from before. Try putting them in there.

it’s ok but it’s ti thik …

here is mine .

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The problem(s) with modeling grass like that are that it’s a pain to do any more then a small patch, gives you abscene poly counts, and ends up way too framey for anything other then a small clump when your trying to werk on it, and you can’t get it to react to things, like wind. Have a play with afore mentioned RipStrings’s Fibre.

the grass reminds me of playdo :open_mouth:

It only really looks good zoomed out, the blades are to fat for the length the grass is.

The grass I wouldn’t say is the most photo realistic ever made but it’s nice.

You should use an alpha chanel as I did in my “Old World” I scan a grass leaf of my garden and use it as a color map

No offense, but I think you are lying. That looks just like grass made with one of ripstings fiber script.

Are you refering to his image or mine? :-? I did use Fiber of course

his image, I didn’t even notice yours, that grass is awesome, but a bit too luminesecent and a little to bright of a green.

hah, well I’m sure you all know this, but there are tons of different types of grass. All of the examples given look very close to different types of grass I’ve seen. To say it needs to be lighter or darker is kinda silly since it could be lighter or darker than where your from %| For instance, My neighbors lawn (in the summer) never has any dead grass visible because he rakes the bajesus out of it in the spring and waters it like its gonna die of thirst.

As for the subject of this topic, I think it looks really nice, and would look even better from a distance, however, adding color variance of some kind would add to the effect you have going.