The most 'representative' spy car?

This time around I’m stuck with doing a more or less static design at work – splash and framing for one of our games, this one in a ‘James Bond’ themed thing… unless I manage to talk him into something more Splinter Cell-ish, that is.

Well, I figured I’d still have my fun, so I’m gonna put a few recognizable elements there – such as the ludicrously upgraded chic arsenal on wheels – aka rocket-launching sports cars. Blended, of course.

So, here’s the question. What do you think is the best (existing) sports car to work from? What weapon system could it conceivably carry? The idea is to modify the chassis slightly to accommodate for hardware if needed. (I’m going for feasibility; I’ll leave the extensible arm with an ICBM for the comedy-relief megalomaniac I might add to the chase later).

I could see James Bond driving a Bugatti Veyron.

Looks cool. Is the fastest accelerating and decelerating legal car in the world and was the fastest until very recently. Plus there is a plenty of room to tuck away some improvements (like rocket launchers and other gadgets).

James Bond? Duh, Aston Martin.

LotRJ: Well, it’s not literally a Bond thing. It’s a variation on the theme, with some Sam Fisher thrown in for character and perhaps a tad of Austin Powers thrown in for good measure. :smiley:

still… admit it, you want one: :evilgrin:

Heck, if you’re buying, I’ll have two. :smiley:

Darn, thats gonna be costy, guess i better forget the Bugatti for now… :frowning:

The question is wrong.
At first spy has to be noteless.
At second he has to have enough room for all spying devices.

So this would be the best choice :D:D:D

Old skool DB7

JiriH: but isn’t it common counterespionage logic to look for those who are trying to appear inconspicuous? :wink:

JeremyRay: that’s one of the cars I’m seriously considering. It has to beat this one though, if only because it looks ‘gadget-prone’.

To get that ‘Austin Powers’ look, go for an Austin Mini with sub-launched ICBM hatches on the roof over the two back seats.

No, guys you have it all wrong, you want a Saleen S7 or a Ferrari Enzo.
Something like that, or a hummer H1!

Saleen S7’s are extremely hard to get blueprints for if you want to make a semi-accurate model (and most of Bond’s cars looked normal on the outside). Ferrari P4/5 2007 in my opinion. Rear Grilles big enough to hold several ICBM’s.
Here you can find something useful

That’s extremely useful folks. Thanx bunchos muchos.

Dammit, the blueprints I found for the S7 were way worse than that… wish this had been posted a few months ago, I’m almost finished now…

I thought James Bond perferred the Lotus?
goes for 42,000-56,000 dollars, my favorite car and now your all gonna want one.
Underwater Spy Lotus:

Cool Pic scrag_10

'course the next question is: “was that blender internal?” <yuk, yuk>

Seriously, Bond has to have a British marque, dudes. Lotus, Aston… even Land Rover would be better than the heresy of when Pierce Brosnan (a yank actor) drove a beemer. Whatever he drives, it simply must reflect his impeccible British taste and breeding and unquestioned national loyalty. In this day of global automotive corporations, tho, that’s hard to pull off.