The most user friendly game engine?

Since this is the only game making forum I know of I thought I would ask; what is the most user friendly game engine available, something that requires little to no traditional programming, the engine needs to be able to project video and sound on top of a plane.

After messing around with a virtual cinema in blender, I realised how easily it would be to create a Myst like game. A plane is put in front of the player camera, depending on what button you press a different video is played on top of the plane and different variables are triggered and different invisible objects appears in front of the still video frames that you can interact with.

What would be the best engine to use for such a game?

No, there are no ‘the most user friendly game engine’.

Most of the game engine that has a ‘put & play’ doesn’t have a feature to edit the code for yourself. (Closed Source) So if you got stuck because of the bug, you will have (almost) no workaround since the code is usually encrypted. If you ignore the bugs, you will most likely end up publishing the game, buggy and laggy like these:

For me, BGE is an engine that forces you to create a game completely from scratch, but you could still find some resources on the internet. If there’s some bugs, you could easily edit the resource to work for your BGE version, which is the reason I like BGE.

I repeat, there are no ‘the most user friendly game engine’. A ‘user friendly game engine’ will depends on what you are creating. So there might be a time where BGE isn’t your option, but sometime it is.

Well, it’s up to you.

I think you are looking for an “authoring tool”.

Such tools aim for the abstraction level above a game engine without being a classic level editor (what they basically are).

The typical problems artist have with “programming” is that they are not used to a formal language that allows to describe behavior (rather than presentation). There can be simple and easy to use behavior descriptions. Unfortunately you buy “simple” and “easy” in a package together with “not flexible”, while “flexible” typically comes with “complex”.

Game engine will not fill that gap as it is not there purpose to do so. But the tools delivered with the engine can help you. What engine fits your needs is really hard to tell.

I like the logic bricks, I think I would like unreal’s nodes too. There seems to be something similar for unity as an add on, but since I really just need a game engine that can play videos as textures on a plane in front of the camera I don’t really need something that is very complicated. If there is some simple to use game engine that uses something akin to logic bricks and is not too complicated I would be willing to use it.

For what I’m working on I could probably even use the bge, but I have heard the bge has issues with publishing the game etc. I’ll be trying to see if unity is worth picking up and if it’s possible to use visual programming, I really think those 14GB are a lot of wasted space. Any game engine alternatives you know of would be useful.

Your requirements sound like you need something like flash. Even the DVD-menu might be sufficient :D.

A 3D game engine is too much overhead for you (from what I know right now).

Well I like things to look good, I’m more than capable to create something that looks good. Here is an example of a game model I made not too long ago, was mainly trying to figure out how to do real time hair, creating stones, towers or trees would be easy to do in comparison, I’m also proficient at realisti human anatomy.
Now what type of game would it be realistic for a single person to create that both looks good, is quite fun to play and can be made in say a year? For it to look good, it would have to be pre rendered, it’s also less work since the camera or player’s movement is limited. Less work means it will be completed sooner rather than later.

Something that would look really good is a game that has prerendered videos playing when the character moves around the scene. So you click forward and the player moves up a prerendered stair for example. You hit right and then he rotates to the right. When he stands still a looping video is playing of trees waving in the wind or whatever. Then some objects you can interact with by clicking on them or hover over them with the cursor, invisible objects would appear in front of the right part of the prerendered video and clicking on it would allow you to trigger some event.

I’m actually more into creating something that looks beautiful and has some nice atmosphere to it than a game. I hate programming with a passion, that doesn’t mean it’s hard to do. It’s actually very easy to do, it’s just that programmers are badly at making things efficient. (The people who are actually creating the game engines) Often you find you have to pull around windows and mess around with prefabs and hawbas and I don’t know what they call their made up stuff. It’s quite simple, this video projected onto that plane, the variable changes depending on where you’re facing and that triggers different objects to appear in front of the camera that you can interact with.

I can do all the sculpting, texturing, animation, rendering already. I could have all the videos in a folder right now. The problem is what game engine would be most efficient at being able to play these videos and have 3d objects in the scene that the player can interact with or move around. Blender could theoretically do it, but I don’t think blender is really a serious engine even for a game that requires so few features since all the graphics are prerendered and the player is just a camera.

I downloaded unity and looked at it’s adventure asset kit, but that seems to be an unorganized mess. More useful for something like Monkey Island or perhaps even a Final Fantasy or Resident evil game. And that would be too much for one person to create alone. So yeah any good engines for this kind of stuff, if not i guess I’ll drop it. I’m sligtly frustrated at how inefficient programmers go about doing things, watching that fucker talk for two hours about how to click around a little cut out 2D sprite of a guy with a beard and glasses gave me a headache, yes a bloom filter is nice for fucking morons. Anyway just having a bit of rage to vent on cough autistic programmers but whatever.

Any easy to use engine around?

the most user friendly game engine? little big planet karting. but no moviesupport. as far as i remember

You seem to have very specific requests for this. I am not aware of a game engine that can exactly do what you are looking for. Game engines like Unreal or Unity were created in a more general sense. But it might even be possible in your case to use a 2D engine or only 2D functionality.

You are writing that you want to use prerendered videos and you are writing about object interaction with actual 3d objects. How do you want to bring those two together? If you are rendering a video, you will most likely have ambient occlusion and global illumination within the video. How do you want to integrate those interactive 3d object that they don’t feel off?

If you are rendering the movement, how would you make sure that the 3d objects are always perfectly at the position where they are supposed to be? Besides the rendered video, you would need to know for each frame where the camera, what its rotation and the exact camera settings were. Getting all that information is usually not too difficult, but synchronizing with the video playback might become tricky.

The old Myst games were rendered too and they had interactive objects. They had video for the interaction too, such that it didn’t feel off and it allowed them to avoid any kind 3d objects. The tricky topic for them was to place the videos in the videos absolutely perfectly or the videos within the rendered static picture. They also had to render a lot of combinations.

If you have at rendered games like Myst or Riven, they feel very static compared to these days games where basically everything is dynamic and animated. How do you plan to preserve the immersion with rendered videos?

Try Godot engine, is excellent, publishing is easy and quick. The future versions will have a Visual scripting and 3d enhancement …also Godot have a friendly great community

“Godot is a fully featured, open source, MIT licensed, game engine… authoring environment for point-and-click adventure games in the style of the Myst series.”:slight_smile:
Good luck in creating games:)

The most user friendly game engine is the one you are familiar with. So if a developer has lots of experience with Unity, he will say that unity is the most user friendly, same for unreal, BGE, or any number of others. Heck, you know how apple’s i-devices are meant to be user-friendly? I tried to use a mac the other day and failed abysmally. (Same with windows 10 actually, I can’t use that either. I’m a linux guy).

If you really detest programming, it may be better to focus on game art, and head over to, say, the paid work forum, and find a game developer looking for an artist.
Otherwise, just pick a game engine and run with it for several months and see how it goes.

Thanks for the replies, sdfgeoff’s advice hit closest to heart, not having to worry about programming would be great. And Dantus being able to interact with the videos would be tricky for sure, since they would have to be synched to the videos rotation. While no doubt possible I think I’ll concentrate at the art since that’s what I’m into. Problem is that you don’t see too many paid programmers forums around as far as I’m aware. But you could do work on the assets and in the future hire a guy to help put something together, I think that’s what I’ll do. Thanks again. :cool:

Yeah teamwork is key but teamwork can also be problematic because a vast majority of game makers are often consumeres of pop culture. Rarely when you enter a forum in which people post their models or advertise their game do you find something that isn’t spaceships, guns, cars or cartoon characters with wacky proportions and huge swords. Now there is a time and a place for all of this but personally I think it has been overdone.

I cooperated with a programmer some time back on a very casual project and I found that he seemed to lack an appreciation of how to make things look neat. Something as simple as having the damage the enemy takes appear above the enemy instead of on top of the enemy, I would have to point all that out to him and sometimes he would disagree on something and I would have to write long paragraphs trying to convince him otherwise.

Your requirements sound like you need something like flash. Even the DVD-menu might be sufficient :D.
A 3D game engine is too much overhead for you (from what I know right now).

Monster’s reply is a perfect example of the programmer’s attitude, he fails to see that something as simple as a still image in a dvd menu can be used to great effect. A prerendered game today could look amazing and have great gameplay if done right. But alas we have to kneel at the feet of programmers and pop culture.:no: But I guess it’s okay.

This sounds a bit like communication problems between the artist and the game engine respectively artist and programmer ;).

For example I do not see why mentioning a DVD-menu as game engine is a fail in your eyes. Especially with the argument that it can result in great effects. This is why I mentioned it.

The issues I see is that I do not know a good editor for DVD menus, or that you can use it outside of a DVD-player. This is why you get a “:D” on the recommendation. It is simply not “most user friendly” as you asked for. Nevertheless you can judge it.

Indeed with the additional requirements (3D objects) a DVD-menu might not be sufficient anymore (unless the 3D object is a pre-rendered video).

It would be easier to make a 3d shooter or a 3d platformer than a pre rendered game, that is why the dvd menu comment don’t really work. Just to mention some games that used “pre rendered” graphics:

•Myst series
•Heroes III
•Final Fantasy
•Icewind Dale
•Baldur’s gate
•Total war
•Diablo II
•Age of empires II
•Resident Evil
•Alone in the dark

Not to mention all the adventure games and first person games like that Titanic game and monkey island. All of these games are also dvd menus. Actually you know what would be neat, there are tons of game engines for games that are fully 3d. How about a 2.5D game engine that uses pre rendered graphics. Someone should develop something like that for the blender game engine, since such a game engine wouldn’t require much memory or many next generation features it would be perfect for blender.

Programmers perspective:

A 2.5D game is a special form of a 3D-Game (fixed camera angle, orthogonal perspective).

In practice a 2.5D game is a 2D game that looks like 3D. Usually there are overlapping 2D images (videos). That is why I mentioned flash.

Maybe this helps you (regarding the BGE), to get some ideas:

Fixed Camera Pre-rendered Scene enhanced to -> Fixed Camera-Angle Pre-rendered scene

These are just two quick and dirty prototypes to demonstrate how it could work. The textures could be animated e.g. via video-texture (you would need someone [a programmer] to apply video-texture as the BGE does not support it via GUI).

The demonstrated technique can be used at other game engines too, which will have other ways to support videos as textures (or background)

Yup now that just has to be made easy and efficient to work with for non programmers. As few steps as possible to get your assets, animations and everything else you need into the game.

I am struggling to understand what exactly you are looking for. Myst is rendered with actual 3d objects using a perspective camera while other games like Final Fantasy that you mentioned are 2.5d and are rendered using orthographic cameras and a faked parallax effect to create the impression of depth. From a technical point of view, those are two different kinds of games.

The issues I see is that I do not know a good editor for DVD menus,

DVDStyler is free and about as good as you can get for free. for making DVD menu’s. For paid authors, Sony vegas has DVD Architect. For DVD only, not game engines.
I have made DVD munu’s with Blender, using 2.49. FWIW.

I think Blender is the most user friendly, because of the logic bricks, and a great community to help with Python. UE4 is a close 2nd, with Blueprints. IMHO