The Mother and Child pic


Please share your thoughts on this one…


Nice modeling!
It seems the feet aren’t finished yet. Either the animals stand in the mud, or they are missing some toe nails. The ears might be a little too thick still, don’t no. If you light the scene with some backlight, it might be nice having some SSS on them in order to show the thin tissue.
Great so far, could imagine seeing the two in some savannah environment…
Hope you found my input useful.

Thanks Mobimo,
I thought of makiing them stand in a pool of water or something that sort so I could show the baby playing. This was just an initial render to see how the two look togather. I’ll try a few things that u suggested and upload soon.

Asian elephants! Nice. Most people seem to go African. Don’t forget the babies hair - It is very important (along with the forehead bump and ear shape) in differentiating the species. This site has a good reference for the baby’s hair:

Also, mom seems a smidge too fat overall but specifically her belly is too fat too low down - the belly sides should be rounder at the hip and come in below.

Like this one: