The Motherships

This is a concept piece for a new short Live action film I’m making in february. Everything made in blender and the clouds in photoshop.

The idea is that aliens teleport around the galaxy to find entertainment for their gladiator style arena’s on the ships. Lot of people going missing/end of the world kinda concept


Very nice render, the planet surface is very cool, & nice mothership design. There maybe needs to be more atmosphere, but all around, very nice scene and a very sharp render!

Cheers for that. Atmosphere in the scene itself or around the planet?

This project is to be shot in HD. When I render out the planet becomes slightly pixelated and its around 4000 p. Any suggestions apart from pulling the earth away from camera?

yes the surface of the star is looking as if its real.

Yeah, just around the surface… but given the curvature (size) of the planet it might be alright. I was trying to find a refrence (but short time this morning). Found this though but it’s also a “larger” planet (curvature).

Cool - wil play around with it some more, was just a quick paint job in PS

Looking VERY cool. Can’t wait to see the space shots in motion; I hope you let us know here when it’s done. I think the biggest bangs for your buck here will be:

  1. Increasing fill light. Right now we can’t see all the details on the top of the ships; it’s all very murky and obscured. Realistic, perhaps, for a shot in a vacuum, but not great for visual storytelling. The furthest ship is just a silhouette.
  2. Doing a small bit of modeling of the interior of the engine exhaust ports, and doing some quick radiosity baking, which does a LOT for flowing gas visual effects.
  3. Adding a little more detail to the hulls to break up what few planes remain from the main boxes; some simple boxes or pipes would do the trick. Also it might help to bevel the main boxes to reduce the boxiness. Right now the level of detail is impressively near production-quality, but as for the main form, I still see a box in front of a box.
  4. Post-production added blur on the engine exhaust.

Very good voxel. You’re right about breaking up the planes, will add some more detail onto the hull. The bevel is interesting - as in bevel edges? How do I do that?

Yeh the lighting is just from the sun. I like the glowing blue’s but yeh maybe some bounce from the earth to let us see some detail on the top.

Have to do a tutorial on radiosity baking as i wouldn’t know where to start on that. Also have another go at the atmos - saw a view of the earth on national geo and its far more obvious from this distance than I thought.

This shot will be something like we see in the last shot of the film. It goes from a guy in an ‘arena’ with other people looking up, to see a glass dome. Outside the dome they see earth, we pull outside the dome to see a mother ship, we pull further away to see tonnes of them surrounding earth… din din deh

nice! keep going, this could be awesome!

some tweaks after suggestions. Think the ship ‘looks fuller’ now. Will add some broken satellites etc but think the concept is there


lol, the shuttle is an awesome add!

the shuttle looks great. i think you should a little more glow for the alien engines.

The Shuttle adds a definite Wow! factor: “They’re coming after us!” I second wysiwyg’s observation re the glow for the engines. I’d add that, to my eye, the engines look like lit buttons rather than something that’s pushing out something (Ions, mu-mesons, some sort of energy) for propulsion. If that’s the alien tech way of doing things then the glow just needs to be a bit more intense. Me, I’m still wedded to to notion that the engine in a space vessel has an open end.

Thanks for the heads up. Will work on it. The way they travel - in the script, is through portholes, but obviously they need propultion too. Stil concept stage but will take onboard the advice

Oh by the way if anyone’s interested, This film will be shot in jan/feb. There’s is a big scene in the end on one of the ships where a load of humans are in an ‘arena’. What they’re up aginst comes out a door/gate only described as ‘something with teeth and an arsehole’!

If anyone’s interested in some creature/arena concept art then come on board as my imagination in modelling is limited. I’ve an idea that the creature should have a maine or neck of feathers - apart from that…its open to interpritation

did a little node work on the specularity which I think helps. Plus a whole new model. Getting there


there could be some stars

I think adding a more circular ship helps, with the overall effect very nicely! But will the camera pan or get closer to the other ships as-well. Because again there just silhouettes even though a very complex model. If not render times would be reduced nicely by removing a few faces.

nice work man, looking forward to the live action movie already!

great modeling, rendering. Atmo well done. Its hard because there isn’t any atmo in space.