The Mouse and the Machine


I did these renders a few months back and posted them over in W.I.P
Unfortunately I didn’t go any further with it, although it is fully animateable and detachable so maybe i’ll come back to it.

anyways, rendered in luxrender, modelled in blender 2.48


WOW, good job!

looks nice. Any high resolution screenshots?

Pretty cool, original. Where did the inspiration come from?


Thanks for your nice comments.

@austen: The inspiration came from another blender work , can’t remember where it is, but by the quality that it was i would imagine it would be in the galley. It was a really awesome steampunkish mousetrap, with the bronze and gold styling you see on my work, also the flamethrower you see on the top was taken from that mousetrap too.

edit: I’ll render out a couple of high res shots once I get home from boarding school this weekend

Sorry, can’t render out more shots due to my comp becoming simultaneously blind, death, dumb and crippled, but heres an exploded view for ya.