The move arrows are wrong!

In the bar are of View Select etc u see 4 symbols, a hand triangle circle and a plane. When u push the triangle for example u see 2-3 arrows depending on your view. If you press one and pull it somewhere it will won’t go anywhere but only the direction of your arrow (x-y-z).
At mines the arrows aren’t like that anymore, they rotated. It’s very annoying when I want to move my object along the x axys.
Any way to solve this?

Beside the 3 widgets selection buttons (the triangle, the circle and the square) there is a dialog box. It has 4 options:

1 - View: widget is alligned with the view coordinates.

2 - Normal: if in edit mode, the widget is aligned with the various normals of the selected stuff. If in Object mode, it’s the same as Local.

3 - Local: the local object orientation. When you create a new object in TOP view, that object Z axis will be aligned to the globa Z axis, and so for X and Y. (NOTE: The local Z axis is alwais created to be perpendicular with the view)

4 - Global: the global axis, the ones drawn on the screen as a green and red line (blu one is hidden but can be shown). The option that you probably want to be selected.