the muffelpum(tm)

(kerosene) #1


u know those situation when you’re sitting in front of your screen. it’s
2am and u just start to model something. and baam: there u’ve got a
muffelpum… heh.

here’s my latest (and first called muffelpum…
i just thought of a weird name for those kind of products finished at 5am… lol):

tell me what u think (or show me your muffelpums… heh).

(acasto) #2

Looks good, nice scene layout. However I would suggest perhaps drawing a little more attention to the …muffelpum (???), maybe some little glowy things like on dep sea creature. Bioluminescence looks great if done right. I think I remember some mushrooms on that was nice looking.

Gives you sort of an errie feeling of something lurking in the deep. Maybe a little more mouth detail :wink:

(Goofster) #3

hmmm, you get “influenced” by other people very fast in the middle of the night?
cus this looks a LOT like the Nightmare :smiley:

otherwise. very cool picture. maybe make it just a bit lighter so we can see it a bit better. (I have my monitor at standard values)

(kerosene) #4

goofster: lol… you’re right. i got inspired by the nightmare… hehe. but the nightmare pic way better… i just played around (tired in front of my screen not being able to sleep…lol)