The multiple choice story game (Pick how you want it to continue)

Okay, there was one time on another board where this happened and it plays like this.

I start the story then list 4 choices and the person chooses one, continues a little, and lists 4 choices.


Margalina wanted to go to the mall, when she arrived she bought

A). Shoes
B). Software
c). Books
D). Paper

Then the next person would pick say paper, continue a little, and add 4 more choices. On the other board years ago the story went from Micheal Jackson to star wars to a battle between me and another member to the earth is a resort and everybody got turned into Dragons.

To ensure the topic remains clean and not messed up here’s the rules.

1). No bad language (cussing) will be used
2). No references to anything sexual or moving the subject to drugs or anything real derogatory (ie. porn)
3). No one can not try to end the story, a good example is saying everybody dies and all four choices is “the end”
4). In the continuation and the choices, try to keep it from being very long as in 1000 lines of words, this would prevent anyone from taking full control of the story.
6). Don’t list the same choice as all four or even two choices, give the following posters some flexibility in choosing.
5). Members are free if they want to reference other member names on this forum as long as it doesn’t interfere with the first or second rules.
6). Don’t make several posts in a row so you take more control of the story, usually wait till another person replies before posting again.

Now that that is explained let’s start.

A teenage boy named Mango lived on top of a barren hill overlooking the southern city. He decided it wouldn’t be right to stay on top all day so he

A). Figured it was right to stay on top of his hill and thus he stays
B). He ventures off into the city
C). He uses a grappling hook to catch a low flying plane
D). He squeezes down a manhole to explore what was underground.

…uses a grappling hook to catch a low flying plane. As the grappling hook rips into the fuselage of the plane, causing an explosion, a small creature parachutes out onto the top of the next hill over. Mango ran as fast as he could over to it to find it was a:

B)Baby Dragon
D)Telephone with Feet

(Whats up with all the story posts recently? (not directed at you Icoxo, but at the board in general))

Telephone with feet. Mango then wondered where it came from, he thought he saw these before, sometimes one end opens with an array of sharp teeth that suck on your knowledge. Carrying it along he found out it.

A). Came from some loony inventor in midtown who combined animal DNA and inanimate objects.
B). Was a kind of creature dropping in from other planets.
C). Grew from seeds that get created when telephones were burned
D). Found the pilot that was in the plane was a smuggler of mutant creatures.