The Museum of Masterpieces

Hey everyone! Basically I’ve been working on this scene for two weeks. It started out as a rigging practice.I first had to create the base mesh with good topology but fast modeling,then I rigging it. Then the rig came out nice lol. I had come so far ,so I went on and added the textures and hair.I shaded it good too. I then added clothing too.This was the first time I actually completed a model,first time in two years of learning Computer Graphics. Sniff …Then I thought I had to add a background but adding an image would be no fun…So I modeled an interior,It was my first time modeling interiors…it was hard.took me 4 days for the character, 4 days for the interior.But a museum of art is not a museum without paintings so to finish it off,I added my first ever digital painting (please don’t count MS paint) which was lost for 2 years before I finally recovered it.Its called “The Masterpiece” And today I have finally reached this point in my work.I have a few more similar masterpieces to hang up here. Anyway critiques are very much appreciated.

What I really enjoy is the chandelier :heart: 3)~ I like the shot and little halos too.

Dat masterpiece tho! #Legit.
Gotta admit the bit hanging out under the stair railing before the bend distracts me haha… Actually, having some space so the two elements in that picture (the railing and the masterpiece) aren’t overlapping seems like it’d add some breathing room.

And anime cleavage aside, her pose makes me think you snapped the shot just as she was approaching the railing there… except, her fingers are still a bit clumped together… (I can sorta live with that lol.)

Overall, for a first it’s a good job! (OuO )/
Keep going!! (and welcome to the forums lol)

I like the overall design. The only thing that stands out to me is the character’s hands. It looks unnatural. Take your hand and rest it on a railing. If you notice there is some space between the fingers. This is a natural state. Add a little space between the characters fingers and it will look more natural.

Thanks both of you! Yea,Happy to be in the forms. Both of you caught me.I am bad at animation.Done a lot of modeling and texturing over the past 2 years but next to 0 animation.This is actually the first time I have been satisfied with a rig, beside for chibi characters.

Anyways,I’ll take both of your valauable critiques into account and post the improvements when I add a few more elements to the scene.As you can see ,that is the only painting on the wall.