The Mysterious Planet .. A Short 3D Film

hi guys

i want to share with you this simple short film i made a while ago using blender

i call it “The Mysterious Planet”

Ok, now I want a follow up story! This animation is great! I was expecting some Mars exploration from Earth. You totally flipped it on its head! Please try and make a prequel film of this if you can.

The prequel to this film is “LOST”. Didn’t you recognize the monster and the theme music? Nicely done.

I never watched Lost.

Thank you for your comment

i was inspired by Lost in the smoke monster coz i did want a mysterious monster
but the story HAS nothing to do with lost

how long did it take you to make the move?

Wow, this is a great little movie. The animation could certainly have been better, but it was good enough, and the story really sold me on this. Keep it up! =)

really loved stuff like this. just to express my thought that most story with nice twist in the end has their flaws just to convince & ‘trick’ the viewer earlier expectation, in this case the astronaut himself with perfect human male voice and the spacesuit/gadgets totally identical to human technology though he is an alien himself… even some hollywood made movie couldnt avoid such flaws in twisting
plots. still im impressed with the idea , congrats!:cool:

That was fantastic!I was doubtful till the end and had it half right, but that twist was really cool.

Great short film. I really liked the twist at the end. Also all of the computer monitors were animated well!

3 to 4 weeks

Thak you … All of you