The Mystery of Weight Painting....

I’m having a bit of a problem with weight paint mode when. I can’t seem to get into whatever mode I’ve seen in in tutorials such as the excellent series byDavid Allan Ward, when you’re able to select a bone on screen with a click, and see what it’s affecting with the blue to red spectrum, and then use the paint brush to change it. I’ve tried all the obvious key and mouse button combinations, but I can’t select individual bones in paint mode. What’s the secret? (I’m in 2.49a, on Windows Vista 64)

In pose mode select the armature that has the object assigned to it as you then right click the object and go into paint mode, you should be able to right click a bone and see what your looking for.

Possible solutions that why you can’t do this :

  1. You don’t have the object assigned to the armature. To do so select both the armature and the bone and hit CTRL + P and set the way you want for the armature to weight paint your object.

  2. You are in edit or object mode with the armature. Make sure you are in pose mode before you try to weight paint.

Aha! That’s the trick!

Thanks for clearing that up for me.