The Mystic Frog

The Mystic Frog

Hi everyone, my art of the week !

I wanted to create something these last days, but couldn’t really find a lot of time and motivation…
Until it came all at once !
I decided to go for a cute and mysterious frog, chilling in the smallest pond he found ! : p

I am not really used to go for such a stylized/colored lighting, but I’m quite happy with the result : )

Frog is 3D scanned asset from DigitalLife with reworked textures.
Nature assets are a mix of Quixel products and botaniq models.


I love it! Very nice lighting and colors, even if you aren’t used to the style. I glanced at your portfolio and realized I recognize you from the Clint’s discord too!

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Thanks a lot !
And yes, I’m on Clint discord :smile:
I’m starting to know myself, and having a new theme each week takes me out of my comfort zone.
Also, a deadline works really well for me, otherwise I would procrastinate or just not finish the piece I’m working on… Forces me to take quick decisions that would take days otherwise !


I can relate to that! I still procrastinate more than I should though~
I’ve participated in a few of the challenges so far, but usually I still wind up waiting until Thursday and not finishing XD. But the few I did finish all pushed to experiment and grow. As you said, the prompts are a great way to try new things and learn new techniques/styles!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks a lot Bart :smile:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Your renders are so good

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