The N.Y. times today

Well, sorta…


i can’t be bothered to click sorry… post a screen or leave a clue or something =)

yes I’d rather complain than click, I’m too stubborn

Sorry, just too much there for a screeny…
Don’t worry, the links do not work. I sure do wish I had an original copy though…

Then why post it, seriously you are an expert at pointless threads.

Umm, CD, you are a great one to talk about such things. You are an expert at pointless sigs and attempting to pretend that you are something that you are not. Happy licking and chewing!

By the way, the server is swamped! Might take a while to load the page

Then why post it, seriously you are an expert at pointless threads.

I suggest clicking the link rather than making yourself look like an enormous tool.

I think that the links are working now.

Oh yes, I heard about this, it’s a mock up done by some students. But then is it really a mock, ever since the Government declared war on the people, you just never know.

I like this version better.


The students from the University of Western Australia have something similar called PROSHS, with a parody of The Western Australian newspaper called The Cheap Imitation. This hand-out of the newspaper to members of the public happens once a year, citywide. But the prank is pretty good. The world need to shed it’s seriousness once in a while :slight_smile:

HERE ALREADY! No more complaining!


Their bravery and pranking skills are to be commended :slight_smile: and of the course the people here for creating such a thread :slight_smile: Cheers.

They actually distributed these, watch it on Vimeo.

More prank-related stuff? Cheers! :smiley: Looks like a “making of”.