The Navigator

So here I am in my self-imposed Exile on day whatever it is. I’m beginning to feel a little bit like Robinson Crusoe except that my island is a two-bedroom flat and there is no Ocean. With that in mind I thought I’d do something a little more exploratory and with lots of water and ships. My man Friday is actually a lady Friday and we are doing ok.
This is the second of the exploration tracks. It is entitled the Navigator. It was recorded using Garritan Personal Orchestra and Cakewalk. When the series is finished I intend to upload it to the unity store, and later to the Unreal Engine marketplace. I also hope to upload the ship model at a later date. The video was made in 2 days using Blender 2.8 to and the Eevee render engine. the ship model is taken from another project, and is very roughly based on the 17th century Swedish warship the Vasa. The materials have all been changed to use the current PBR shaders in Eevee, and I have added quite a lot of extra detail. The Captain’s cabin including the astrolabe was built from scratch and took about 4 hours.

Nice work!

Beautifully done, and I hate to find a critique (especially since the render time must have been horrendous) but the pitch of the vessel seems overly exaggerated to me. It’s almost as though it was in a gale.

Having said that, the wake is done wonderfully. Would love to know how you accomplished that.

Thanks for the critique! You’re probably right about the pitching of the ship, but the truth of the matter is that it didn’t take the particularly long to render, and that included the construction of The Captain’s cabin and the astrolabe.The rendering was done in Eevee and if you added the separate renders end-to-end, it is probably not more than a couple of hours render time in total.

Interestingly the model of the ship is based on the Vasa which is a Swedish warship that sank in the 17th century and was brought to the surface some years ago (in superb condition). and now lives in a museum in Stockholm.

If I remember correctly it keeled over in a flat calm on its maiden voyage. so perhaps it is allowed to yaw bit too much
Concerning the wake, that was produced using the dynamic paint function in blender which is actually quite straightforward to use. here is a link to a tutorial.

I’ve never used dynamic paint. Just tested and awesome. Thank you.