The Nazi

little test using some elements I had

Ok, here’s something I made a little while ago and thought i’d share with you all
base head sculpt was done in scuptris then retopo’d in blender, the hat and bagdes were done in blender then everything textured and rigged. hope you like. :wink:

Render_1 Render_2

also here’s some frame shots of a test animation I did

That is completely awesome! I love his serious face :smiley:

Great job!
I really need to spend more time learning sculpting…

thanks for the comments people :smiley:

Very cool character you made … your facial poses are especially good!

He would surely make a great villain in a game or short film.

Update, added a video

:frowning: hoping to get a little more of a response considering how much effort went into this… oh well thanks for the comments I did get :wink:

Don’t feel so bad abot it. This is just just too advanced. Nobody dares to put critique on it. :wink:
…and hardly anyone seems to be in character design here anyway =P

This was AMAZING!!!

Argh!! I find Nazis so much scarier than ghosts and zombies.

He looks so sinister.

Great work! He would make a great villain.

thanks, yeah in an evil pixar sort of way.

thats the idea ;D

was amazing, but not anymore… lol thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

thanks, all who commented, means a lot:rolleyes:

Good character, uses a lot of almost-cliche attributes but still seems fresh, the expressions are well done, very clear. And very clearly, this guy’s one nasty Nazi!

My only critical comment is about the presentation, it seemed a bit too frenetic, I would’ve liked to see more animated expression changes rather than stills, with maybe one turntable clay-to-wire shot to show off the techniques.