The Need for Vehicle Template Update!

I’m here to ask for an vehicle template update because i’ve tryed to make myself without any good results.

I say “update” because there are several vehicle templates and wrappers available here in blenderartists forums but all seems to be based on the same old model.

I’ve searched out everywhere for tutorials with this subject and nothing!

Here are two .blend files that completes each other. But how to do it ?

“bullet_4x4_hinge_vehicle.blend” has the ability to spin the wheels but dont have steering.
“Racer Test.blend” steers but dont spin the wheels at all.

Hope you can give me a hand on this,

here is a video showing the game i’m working on:


bullet_4x4_hinge_vehicle.blend (281 KB)Racer Test.blend (581 KB)

Watched your video … OH MAN that’s amazing! That’s really really amazing.

I put a texture on it and I think it’s spinning, but to fast to really show up.
I put three white dots on the tire, and they flicker…
I think the rotation ipo is too high.
EDIT Nevermind, I zoomed in closer, and perhaps it was an antialiasing error causing the flickering.
I painted the hell out of the big tires and I can’t get them to show up textured,
so maybe the uv’s aren’t getting carried over to the empty position?
It’s spinning though, I made the tires ‘spikey’.
Edit: I just tried the other game and I guess you mean to ‘peel out’ or burn rubber…:smiley:
I think it’s the friction in the material DVN tab with a light mass in the logic panel.

What we could really do with is a vehicle rig, though I’m pretty sure that one of these would be incredibly difficult to build into Bullet. And what with the work Erwin’s been doing recently, I think he deserves a well-earned break :slight_smile:

One thing I’d love to see is some sort of proper vehicle physics integrated into bullet in the future. Sort of like this…

Hi, Jesusfrk14! Thanks!

And Andy Circus, i know they spin on the ground… the image nº 3 shows that “in the air” issue.
Anyway, it must spin faster than the floor passes by when in the start of a drag race, smoking the tyres and stuff!

ps.: There’s a playable demo on the Game Engine Works in Progress section in this forum.
It’s GLSL version.

Yeah sorry about that, i realized what you were talking about too late :smiley:

Hi, tb1alex!
I agree 100%

This new blend is better to see that the wheel mesh have nothing to do with the evaluation, its just a graphicall representation.
If you lower the friction values you will see that the car moves slower and the wheels spins slower. So this friction have nothing to do with tyre/ground friction.


Racer Test.blend (521 KB)

I deleted the friction lines in the python and added a friction DVN
and modified some of the logic weight to lower weight and force values,
Also I adjusted the wheel radius to something better.
I think that’s the main thing is the wheel radius, so it’s probably better
with the undeleted friction in the python and 1000 mass, but now it spins like crazy :smiley:


Racer Test 5.blend (557 KB)

Unfortunately i think this template needs a big reformulation.
Maybe if we could change the rear wheels system to that one used in the “bullet_4x4_hinge_vehicle.blend” on the top of this page…i dont know how to do it :S

Andy, do the following:
Open your mod and change to wireframe mode. Than go slowly against that block you made and when you touch it press the up arrow.
You will see that the front wheels spins as the rear ones. That shoud’nt happen!
Look at this line of the code:
vehicle = PhysicsConstraints.getVehicleConstraint(chassis.cid)
The force is appyed only to the rear wheels but the front ones spins as they are linked to the rear’s.


I just tried to edit the impulse to make a separate script to assign to the front wheels,
but it was too brutal, and I’m not sure what I can rename with 2 after it,
like impulse2, chassis2, etc. because I’m not very good with python.
I don’t think I can just type in:
and have that be respected by the game engine. :smiley: