The NEEEWWWW!!! McLaren 570S Render!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes here it is!!!The New McLaren 570S car render in cycles !:D:D:D:D

Making Of (VFX BreakDown)

And it take a very very long time to render… A more complex geometry:confused:
Simples:(Forground) 500 (Car) 200 simples
Res: 4K
Rendered in Blender 2.74 and cycles render!
I Hope you like it~

Also need some advice~

Yeah, I like it! 5 star from me;)

Here is what i see in blender

Thanks a lot!

Exellent lighting !! :smiley: and very detailed model. :yes:

Very nice! I like it. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot~:eyebrowlift:

A Making of compositing video added

Exellent work! Very good image proportions and angle of view.

Cool stuff! I like this render, and wouldn’t mind seeing more of them. Did you model it yourself?
Keep up the great work!

This is not featured? Weird! Weird! Weird! Awesome work! Looks more like Vray than Cycles and that makes it even more awesome. Job well done . .

:no: Actually render in Cycles, It took me a lot of times to creating materials like this

I recognized that the render looks like Vray… But actually in Cycles… It make me feel strange…:eyebrowlift2::smiley: