The Neoaxis engine becomes free software with no feature limits.

You read that right, the developers of the Neoaxis engine now have their software as fully free for use with no real limitation on features (unlike Unity Free).

The catch, it doesn’t mean the engine has become FOSS (source code is still reserved for paying customers), but this should be a good enough deal for some people interested in getting away from the BGE as it continues its decline.

I will stick with Godot in the meantime (because it’s already seen the fruits of the community being able to help develop it at no charge), but Neoaxis is known to have a large array of features and functionality for game developers and is still under active development (good for those who don’t like the limits of Unity Free, but also feel intimidated by the likes of the Unreal Engine).

Overall, it’s nice to see more and more options for game developers who don’t feel like paying anything at the moment, though I’m not sure how well it would play with Blender at this point. There’s also no built-in script editor and requires you to delve into C# which may be more difficult than Python (though for artists, there’s plans for a visual logic editor in the future).

Nice move but since the editor only runs on windows and there is no runtime export (not even planed) for linux it is of no use for me.

We already have a couple of long threads about the state of the bge, I don’t think we need to start a new one.
Everyone knows that you fell in love with the godot engine by now but it is absolutely not necessary to spoil the bge to the rest of it’s userbase.
Ton clearly stated that he intends (just a proposal) to integrate the bge more tightly into blender without a loss of features and with the possibility to export games as standalone runtime. This inevitably leads to a more or less complete rewrite of the engine code that will get ridd of all the code mess.
All the fear about bge getting killed in the future is nothing but speculation.
I hope they will start the process soon otherwise the userbase will decrease cause of unfounded fear.