The never ending lack of an assets browser in Blender

This is not to complain, but I can’t simply understand the developers priorities. The focus very much on the grease pencil, but assets browser is almost out af question. I am not a coder, neither can I contribute to any development regrding this. Is this realy that hard ? first time they started to talk about a assets browser was back in 2017, if I am not mistaken. it is now 2020

Already a 2.9 is just a few months away, but no mention of any assets browser. So my question is: will there ever be a assets browser in Blender ?

You probably don’t understand how open source works.

The reason why grease pencil is getting updates is because someone coded it pro bono. Anyone can contribute code to the blender fundation and that is what happened in this case.

For the blender institue there isn’t anything like focus on one thing or the other. If all hired developers would be working on one feature only, it would make thing only worse.

Blender has a release schedule and they work according to the plan on which feature should be implemented when and they are better at prioritizing these things then you are. Just because you need an asset manager it doesn’t mean that everyone can’t deal without it. Belive me there ARE things much more needed in blender then an asset manager

You can try for your own and cotribute your code. Everyone would benefit from it.

You are right, I don’t understand how open source work, probably. The thing is Jerzy is that they did not follow their plan, the coder that worked with it seems to have given up ( a french Bastien Montagne). I ask is it realy that hard, because many have made addons for this, so for me it doesnt seems hard, but it is probably things with this I do not understand. " Belive me there ARE things much more needed in blender then an asset manager" many will disagree with you on this. Most 3d applications have a assets browser.

Sometimes priorities change. It happens. If it is of any consolation, the asset manager will very likely get implemented into Blender this year. It is also going to come with a revamp of the brush manager, which is the thing I am looking forward to the most.

There have been many planned changes written down and are being worked on as we speak. I know the first aspect of Everything Nodes is being implemented in 2.90 as well Vertex Paint for Sculpt Mode and several MultiRes improvements, which are highly request features as well with a lot of development time put into them. We will get to the asset manager eventually, so just be patient.

Just so you know, the Grease Pencil team are not the same developers as the ones working on the asset manager. If I recall correctly, they are a pretty independent team that are not under directly working under the Blender Foundation, so it’s not like them working on Grease Pencil will make the asset manager release any faster.

Not sure if you saw this, but they did post an update last month on the progress of the built in Asset Management. You can get details here: It sounds like this is probably going to be more toward the end of the year though. Looking at their roadmap, I would not be surprised if this ended up being introduced in 3.0.

If I knew Python, I would probably be looking into ways I might contribute, because this is something I would love to have sooner rather than later.

The main reason why it has been taking so long is because to implement such a thing properly, the core team had to refactor nearly everything related to the way Blender handles scene data (from file viewing to object/resource ID’s).

In the last 5 or so years, Blender has seen overhauls to file browsing, ID handling, depsgraph, and now the undo system. It has been a many step process and by the looks of things, they are close to bringing in hardcoded asset browsing for real.

I say hardcoded, because the addons you get via the Blender Cloud subscription include some form of asset handling already, but it’s not as ideal.

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