The New 2016 Volvo S90

My latest WIP car model is the brand new Volvo S90.
My plan is to model the car from start to finish, document the process and track the time used in modeling, materials and compositing.

It’s going to be a good lesson for me in modeling, texturing and rendering.

This thread will be updated when progress is made on the model.
Stay tuned! Hope you guys like it, feedback is appreciated.

Time spent so far:
Modeling: 3 hours

Including one rage-quit and full re-topo of the front :yes:

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  • Nico

I’m re-modeling the front, because I wasn’t satisfied with the topology.
The S90 looks amazing, but definitely has some pretty tricky body flow to model for me.

I’m having problems with these areas around the headlights:

Tips on proper topology are very much appreciated!
Thor’s Hammer added :yes:

keep reducing the quadcount at the light corner, still to much. aside that, looks clean :slight_smile: