the new allaicne wip

heres my new game that me and the wilkie have been making its called
the new allaicne

based on baulders gate for ps2 but its not a fan game.

what does the game have so far
low poly model - not textured
not rigged
logic bricks
health bar - goes down when toched by sphere and can die.
a simple game menu
simple level design
i have attched some pics and then .blend file this is update 1.

heres the .blend

i hope you like it and if anyone has any ideas for my and the wilkies game then tell us here also if you wanna help with the project you can....


Eh, well it’s nice, but a bit basic.Personally I wouldn’t release it until you’re a lot farther ahead. Also, make sure that your health bar can be seen by the camera, currently it’s outside the POV. Any details on the game? (Plot, characters etc)

well im glad you like it but i have no plot or characters i just wanted to show you to see what you guys on here think. im no good a modeling or textering so cant do any characters but if anyone wants to that will be great and my game is no way done yet

if you are not good at texturing (as me^^), try to use some texture found on the web (cgtextures is a good choice). For the moment, is a good start

looks good so far!
keep it up.

It’s pretty good, better than what I made when I first started! You should look around, see how to make a walkcycle etc. Texturing isn’t that hard, and it’s really fun once you get into it, though it can be tedious. Belive me, though, textures (when done right) really bring your game to life. Take a look around and see if you can find some tutorials. Keep it up!

thanks everyone also if you wanan join in and help that would be great also i am trying to get the character rigged but when i try and rig the character it deforms the arm when i grab arm so how can i change that and am i doing it right.

also ive added some texture and bumps


AHHHH that grass is toooo big

what do you mean too big as in the picture size or the bumps in the plane

In the last two screenshots, where it says “Xrepeat” and “Yrepeat”, enter in 10, instead of 1. That will make it so your image is tiled across the ground 10 times. And you should probably use a seamless grass texture.

hmmm. It is much wiser to work your project and get some stuff done before you show it off. Right now, it’s just a concept. Even though you might have a moving and animated character, you are still working out concepts.

As much as you do have, it does look good, although not promising.


P.S. just as a heads up, allaicne is spelt alliance.

i know still there is a lot to do with this game but im working on it

also got any ideas or wanan helplet me know here

Are those trees mine or did you use my tutorial?
Turn off specularity on them so thy look better. Everything looks plastic.

i used your great tutorial.
also how do i turn off specularity
also if you have ideas or help for me let me know

In the material buttons, in the shaders tab, where it says “spec” set it to 0

ok can anoyne give me ideas for my game or help me out

I agree with yournamehere… you have a simple system, but no concept.
Also, have you read the thread about presenting your project?

whats concept

im having trouble rigging heres some pics

i was using this tutorial

but when i select all and ctrl and p it inly says make parent to object


I Disagree… I had 0% done with my game ('cept preproduction) and look at it now! Although I waited till UFO was 100%