The New Animation System 2020 : Character animation system

More creative with ideas!!it’s nice!!

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and some are still pretending that the system of animation is not tricky in Blender :wink: big lol

and alembic maybe to do some alcohol in blender :rofl:

great I can’t imagine the time spent doing this in Blender. and about suggestion for maya, asked them… Blender is free software, I don’t understand why they want imitate so much pro tricky software, when simple softwares are doing things better and faster and much simpler for most of the people.

You might want to have a look at GuiltyGhost (Wayde Moss)'s work: Editable Motion Trails 3D


There is one thing i hope whoever works on this project would try & improve switching interpolation modes without having to select all the keys/curves everytime…in the past few days i have been switching between the 3 (Constant, Linear & Bezier) every second and it drove me crazy even with them mapped to shortcuts, i have to select all the bones then select all the keys then be able for the hotkeys to work.

Interpolation should also work on selected bones without having to select their keyframes, now i know why Maya is good at this, these stuff are polished & work smoothly without any frustrations.

How does Blender know which keys you want to change if you don’t select them ?

Like i have said ,when selecting a/ bone(s) interpolation should work in that situation, if there aren’t any keys selected then all visible keys/curves should be affected and if only few are selected then only those will change.

This is how it’s done in Maya & probably the majority of 3d Softwares, so changing interpolation is merley a one click instead of doing multiple selection types each time.

Oh ok I get it, sorry I was having a hard time following you. Yeah I guess that makes sense, ops.graph.interpolation_type could be reworked to handle the case where no keys are selected, after all some edit mesh operators already have this distinction : work on whole mesh, or only selection. That could make a nice and simple RCS proposal, what do you think ?

Are you switching so often between interpolation types because of the lack of stepped preview ?

Sort of but i don’t think it’s the main issue, If the interpolation type can work directly on the selected bones too that would make the workflow much faster and i would much prefer that option to be honest.

The point why i put this idea here instead of RCS is because i know that they don’t have enough devs right now who are working on the animation module, so my comment is more like a wisheful thing that in the future if some dev goes through this thread and pick stuff that they think should be added to 2020 project or whatever it will be called then this one should be one of them.

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My question was, which workflow ? It’s important to back up proposals with an explanation of where it fits in your workflow and why it should be considered, so as to come up with the best possible solution. I reckon the animation project is going to revamp much of what we have right now animation-wise, how we interact with controllers, the graph editor and so on, so I think it’s important to really contextualize it, hence my asking for specifics !



New task & a very nice patch


Well blender workflow or paradigm is based on selection then operation which might work for certain areas like modeling… but in the animation editors this is unnecessary as it slows you down, certain operations like changing the interp type or framing the playback range or channel should have both automatic & manual ways.

It’s not going to happen right away so there isn’t much progress made AFAIK all what we’re saying is just between us, the Devs probably don’t have time to tackle such things yet and if they do they’ll probably make their own design and get feedback from the Artists in their Studio, user feedback is pretty much limited from what i can tell.

Hmmmmm… interesting, I have yet to think of what this allows !

Hm you’re right it seems to be a sleeping project atm. :frowning:

That’s awesome. Is there no way to pin arbitrary bones like that in Blender? I’m not an animator, but when I try to animate things, it’s always a feature that I feel I would love, instead of messing around setting up an IK chain and switching between IK controls.

Being able to pin bones to objects and have the position of pinned bones move with the pinned object seems like it would also be quite handy, as sometimes you might want to animate something like the neck of a guitar moving in a certain way but not have to sync the position of the hands to the guitar manually as you do that.

The motion trails look great too - very handy for tweaking (I realise Maya has had editable motion trails for ages now).

Blender allows you to lock movement of any bone in an IK chain and even animate that locking, as well as control the stiffness per axis, so there’s a decent amount of control. The example at 1:47 in the video (shoulder stiffness) can be done easily with these stiffness controls, or with a secondary IK chain controlling the shoulder to some extent (I have done this on several characters and can provide example files if you’d like).
For the example you mentioned, I would keep the hands in the same place relative to the guitar neck with a childOf constraint, this is what it’s made for and works well. However it has to be prepared in advance, built into the rig -having each finger be lock-able relative to the palm & the guitar neck requires setting up a bunch of chains and animating IkFk switches all along the animation. Their approach seems much simpler.

However I’m just giving you workarounds -they’re nothing like the technique shown in the video : tangent space controls like those are a dream, I’d love to have them. It abstracts away the difference between FK and IK, and I firmly believe that kind of natural interaction is a goal to strive for in animation.


Thanks for that explanation. Yeah, it would be awesome to have a super simple system to animate stuff so that even the default rigify rigs could be controlled similar to that video, enabling more people to get animating (well, with less work).

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Hi Guys.
I have made few ideas on RCS, they’re not your big flashy feature requests but i think they would improve the animation workflow greatly.
Would you kindly upvote or give your opinion if you think they can be made better so that maybe with more votes they can intrigue some of the Developers, thank you.

Regarding motion trails and paid addons
If a paid plug in already exists does it mean Blender devs won’t ever integrate it cause it was already made?

I would gladly code something that reproduce this but i don’t want to get sued.
Also i don’t know how to program yet.

Onion Skinning / Ghosting
It seems ghosting existed before for armatures…
It had several options to determine which frames where ghosted.

Wouldnt grease pencil be useful doing something like that?

Since grease Since onion skinning in grease pencil (GP) already exists maisybe it could be reused…

In theory its already possible to link a grease pencil line to a bone and the thickness of the line can be used to match the volume creating a decent silouhette for ghosting.
The problem is the ghosting only occurs if the GP line changed relative to its parent.
A feature to set/switch GP onion skinning from relative to world would be needed.
Then finding a way to determine which frames should be drawn is another thing…

This Animation 2020 thread
Are the developers really reading these suggestions here and on Right click select?
Is there some bounty system that i can use to boost interest of developers?
Some mock up needed? Some vote i can do to push dynamic silouhette ghosting of previous/next keyframe?