THE NEW BEETLE (+ new renders)

Hello fellas :smiley:

This is my latest model, I always wanted to make a Beetle, so this is the one.
I have totally remodelled this twice, and now I ve got it right this time by modelling separately all parts instead of cutting and sculpting 1 mesh (which I first did).

Rendered in Yafray v0.8

I am trying with different paint jobs on this one and I am happy with the results,

I am happy to call this model DONE !

you can also see the WIP in the focussed critique

c ya

That is just sweet :o

I can’t see anything wrong with it, could you post another view, preferably lower to the ground?

Hey thanks dude
I was rendering one image in that position but its taking very long so
I will just post one of the almost done images

p.s. this was an old WIP image and it had a few errors that were corrected before posting in Finished projects

<corrected the url ^ :P>

thanks I will post the latest render when its done :slight_smile:

Neeeat, will we see an animation of this one day?

Splendid work!

really nice.
just too much reflection maybe.
it looks like if there arn’t any windows!!

Really nice Beetle. Would love to see it in a animation sometime


thanks MrMuscly, the_one,PandaChamp for the comments.
the red image as I said was a previous one so, it had a few caustic errors in it. And yes I am planning to make an animation from this model a nice path animation with a twist :wink: it will be usefull for my demo reel.

Well I was rendering yesterday night and I did it in different angles and in different colours
here they are :smiley:

I would appreciate some feedback here

Nice car there, It seems to me like car modelling in Blender is going up, more and more of nice highpoly cars is coming every day…

Only crit is about your carpaint, try to change it to less reflective and less metallic…

There are some errors int he mesh though but overall I think is OK, and better!
Keep it up! :smiley:

Red one looks the best to me.


  • car paint is too reflective
  • those flares looked nice… 5 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey thanks MassTA, and scw for your comments. I kinda reduced the paint reflection in the later renders, is that a lot as well ?

btw :smiley: I got a lil carried away with the flares and I knew a comment was coming but flares are still good (I am a flare fan). I ve kept the flare where it looks great, on the green one only.

How long do the images take up to render?