The *New* started as a personal hobby, and it grew way to big for that. In May I worked over 300 hours on just Blenderman… something no one can maintain.

Now we have a new version of Blenderman. This new version allows for other people to get involved, and without the expensive commercial software that the previous version of the website required. Thanks to PSB created by Manuel Bastioni ( and Paolo Columbo ( Blenderman is now modular, more easily administrated, and scalable for future growth!

Thanks to AN][ARES who is now the new Model Administrator, the Model Archive will be back online in a new and improved version.

Thanks to new Copy Staff, the articles and tutorials will be higher quality and with fewer mistakes. Please submit your articles and tutorials!

The “new” Blenderman also makes materials in non-English languages possible. If you are interested in translating articles and tutorials from English to another language, please let us know. We currently have German translation, but not for other languages.

The PDF magazine has had over 25,000 downloads each for the May and June issues. Past issues of the Blenderman Magazine are now back online. New versions of the magazine will be produced, but I can not give an exact date. There is still a lot of work that is needed to ensure that Blenderman, the Model Archive, and the Magazine stay alive. This includes significant work obtaining grants and sponsorship to cover the financial costs.

Please continue submitting your work to Blenderman:


  • Andrew

Looking nice ( maybe a new skin for the web site? this is too dedalo-esque …) -

My question is how did using a different scheme helped with the overall bandwidth problem?

(1) Mirrors can now be easily administrated… before it took me 12-16 hours to add a mirror, now it takes under an hour.

(2) The content is much more efficiently displayed. The layout is CSS with fewer graphics, meaning lower bandwidth. A 1kb graphic loaded 120,000 times with the last version added up too quickly. This version is much kinder to bandwidth.

(3) The new modular architecture means other people can administrate the services without commercial software. There are now 3 other Administrators. With the New Blenderman it is possible for me to work for a living. I need to make money so I can eat, and as thankful as I am to the 6 people who have bought T-shirts and mugs that isn’t going to feed me or pay for servers…

Thank you for answering, what software did you use before switching ?

This is a great website and I’m glad you got it all working again. I hope you get what you need to keep it going. I look forward to the next magazine, whenever it comes out !

The new design looks a tad more messy then the old one. But considering that there’s more viewible content on the screen at any one time. It’s still very nice.
Thanks again for what your doing for the community.

cant wait till the voting for the contest starts…

looks good andrew, cept maybe the wierd gimp2 banner.

Welcome back!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: