The new Cycles GPU 2.79 Benchmark

Hi Serin! I am looking around for a new laptop. Isn’t the Aero 15x from gigabyte? Anyway, How hot did it get? It’s on my list and temps are my main concern. all the reviews always test temps with 3d mark or stuff like that. That’s a test for kids in terms of temperatures, so I never now how hot these machines really get. I actually have an msi with a 1060. GPU is usually fine, but the 7700hq can fry eggs.

If it’s too OT let me know, I’ll contact Serin in PVT

Derp. You’re quite right. For some reason my brain keeps thinking its an acer.

It gets hot to the point of being uncomfortable on ones legs. And it does thermal throttle.
I’ll certainly be getting a cooling pad for it.
For me its not the hugest problem - I just needed something for uni that’d meet my minimum required specs of 8gb of vram, 32gb(after adding another stick) of ddr4, a decent screen and more than 4 cores. Its just for work, not so much for rendering - can leave that for my workstation at home.

With fan control set to normal it’ll hit 80 on the CPU and 60 on GPU.
With fans set to max its about 10-15 under that with this benchmark.

thanks! 80-60 under load doesn’t sound bad, I think throttling usually starts after 90.

I’d gladly have 1cm more in thickness in these modern laptops, but some better cooling. It’s either superthin or spaceships nowadays :smiley: And most of them look like disco balls, something with a little bit more muted look wouldn’t hurt either. This model is quite interesting however

Win 10 Pro
5 x gigabyte gtx1070 ( all connected via m.2 to PCIe adapters)

Windows 10 x64
CPU 8750H (2.79 do not support RTX2070maxq)
RTX 2070maxq (2.80)

well CPU+GPU: 03:54:21…

after upgrading to new driver (425.31) and reboot:
RTX 2070maxq (2.80)

win 10 pro
blender 2.79
gtx [email protected]


Win 8.1 Home 64-bit
Blender 2.79
Radeon VII