The new Cyles GPU 2.70 Benchmark

Hi all, the new benchmark file for Cycles.
It is based on the Cornell Box.
It is GPU only.
My thoughts about:
I would like to test my GPU not my CPU, so low poly and no post processing to keep the CPU usage very low.
The tile setting is optimized for one or two GPU, most user have only one card.

Please don´t upload images, render time and specs only.
Please use official Blender 2.70 only, we can compare performance better if all use the same Blender version.

Open file, hit F12, write down:

Render Time like xx:xx.xx as stamped.

My results:

Opensuse 12.3 64 Bit
GTX 760 4 GB

GTX 560Ti 448

I make a sorted spreadsheet again to compare GPU.

Esparadrapo build a spreadsheet on google docs with some statistics:

Esparadrapo add performance graph, update picture with CTRL+F5 to force page reload.

Cheers, mib.


cycles_cornell_bench_27.blend (1.91 MB)

Hi, I tested your scene so here my results:

Opensuse 13.1 64bit
GTX 760 4GB
OUps sorry for uplaoding the image…


my result:

win 8.1
GTX 580

Hehe, np bls, thank you.
Very similar to my 760.

Please don´t upload images, render time and specs only.

Cheers, mib.

Linux Mint 16 64BIT
Dual GTX780 3GB

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
GTX650 1 gb

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
GTX 460 v2

ill do my 560 ti after im done watching this movie
are you going to do a cpu only one too?

Windows 7 Home 64 bit
2 x GTX580 3GB

Is it possible to arrange a Google Docs spreadsheet by the Blender time format, xx:xx.xx?
Really spreadsheet noob. :spin:

Cheers, mib.

Windows 8
GTX 670 2 GB

Windows 7 64bits
Blender 2.70 official windows build 64
GTX570 2.5 Gb

Blender 2.69 official windows build 64

So 2.70 is slighlty slower, but I had a few ugly fireflies with 2.69

Linux Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64 Bit
2 x GTX580 3GB

Windows Professional 64bit
2xGTX580 1.28GB

iMac Late-2012 - Nvidia GTX 680MX 2GB - OSX 10.9.2 - Blender 2.70 64bits official

Render time: 03:18.84

Blender 2.7 64b
Windows 7 64b Ultimate
GTX 580 3GB

Blender 2.69 64b
Windows 7 64b Ultimate
GTX 580 3GB

Exactly the same experience here.

I use windows 7 64 bit not linux.

it had firefly because of the new indirect clamp in 2.7 which 2.69 did not have

It is GPU render benchmark
However, just to participate,
I only have an ATI GPU. LOL
A CPU render for comparison.
DualXeon (2.66) (early 2009) MacPro. 24 GB ram.
4:20:10 render time. Fair enough. A five years old machine, right?
(changed the tile to 16 x 16)

Ok I have dual boot OpenSuse and Windows 8 so I tested also on windows just to see the differences.
So I’m updating my results:

Opensuse 13.1 64bit
GTX 760 4GB

Windows 8 64bit
GTX 760 4GB

Ubuntu 13.10

GPU GT 630
Blender 2.70
18:08.40 (256x256)

CPU 4930k @ 4.6GHZ
Blender 2.70
03:23.55 (16x16)

CPU 4930k @ 4.6GHZ
Blender 2.70 (optimized build)
03:00.75 (16x16)