The new guide

I’m making a new and improved guide to my posts since you assholes got it locked last time.

Here’s teh URL:

It goes in my sig once it’s done.

Right now, however, it’s late and only a small fraction is done.
I will take suggestions for it itt.

If you want a shoutout on it, send me a PM linking the serious cat’s awesomeness to my greatness IN THREE SENTENCES OR MORE.

Also, once completed it will be available in PDF for easy printing and sharing, as well as offline viewing.

You suggest getting Firefox, that’s where I stopped reading. How is Firefox a good thing? A browser with several bugs that takes up half of your computer’s resources, just to display webpages. What’s so intellegent about that?

V- I think you got that one locked yourself, buddy.

@Ebow -

maybe it doesn’t make sense for macs but on pcs firefox is virtually virus proof and MUCH faster than ieexplorer. no bugs in it I’ve ever encountered, and you can fix the memory hole if you don’t want it speeding up your browsing. firefox owns explorer

Acually, IE is faster…

It does have bugs, however, it is pretty slow on windows and linux. It is quite prone to crashing (thats a nice lil bug, it’s not often i admit, but it hits randomly for no real reason at all and kills all)

All software has their issues though, I use ff personally. I can quite easily use IE without getting one virus or exploit ran on me… And im pretty sure if people cared, they’d find an exploit in FF but since windows comes installed with IE and has many more users, who would waste their time on FF users who are more internet savvy anyway and less likely to be fooled?

You really are a dick valarking…

This is stupid. Really stupid.


If people can’t understand what you say, post something that they can understand.

And besides, since when does saying things with incorrect grammar/spelling make you “smart” or “cool”? It just makes you harder to understand.

You think you’re so cool, but you’re not. You’re hard to understand, weird, and stuck-up.

The only part I agree with is Firefox. That’s a good thing.

EDIT: Sorry for the flame. I needed to eat.

I’d like to take this opportunity to inform everyone, no one in particular (coughabovepostercough), that I am now selling senses of humour. If you require one, PM me and we’ll negotiate a price.

And i’ll be selling maturity, common sense and maybe some suicide pills.

Dealing in rare commodities, eh! (Except the pills)


Judging by your last post you don’t have any common sense or maturity to spare.:stuck_out_tongue:

How much? I Need a sense of humor.

Someone broke into my house and stole my sense of humor.
Others here need plenty just to get over this thread.:smiley:

Is it released under the GPL.

Seriously this forum has no sense of humor whatsoever.

You guys…


I mean seriously, I would expect behavior like that out of vliegtuig, who has something against me for some reason that I don’t know (chill out dude it’s the internet), but Arr Matey… I had high hopes for you…

Sorry I exploded like that. I take all of that back.

Too late!


Firefox on a pc is actually slower. Particularly slower than IE7. It does have bugs and it crashes sometimes. Furthermore, there is not much development happening lately. Sure there are some updates (bug fixes), but nothing new. Version2 is still a far way off. As for security, that is simply because IE is used by about 90% of the world’s internet users, obviously it will attract far more virusses.
I’m no Microsoft fan, but give the devil his credit - IE7 rocks. I’ve been using the beta version and it has not crashed once and its got all Firefoxes features @ about half the amount of system resources. And if you don’t want to use IE, there’s always Opera, from which Firefox has copied its tabbed browsing in the first place.

oh wait. This was humor?
Ahahahah! This cracks me up! :]

I’d like to declare a new contest!
Valarking has to post something funny!
And don’t bring in the serious cat.

First step, if you don’t have Firefox, get it now. I mean NOW.

Infidel! You will never takes my Operas aways! )’:

QFT :wink: Opera FTW

Not that! Be reasonable!

I’d settle for some artwork

Why is everyone being so bitchy lately? Maybe its that time of month… Dont worry Valarking, it’ll pass…

Everyone Else: