The new iPod line: Materials on the new Shuffle

about a year and a half ago, two easters back, I posted up this image:

I really liked the way it turned out. really good models, really good lighting, all that.

As we all know, Apple has recently overhauled the entire iPod line. now all the models are different.

so i thought it was about time to go back and re-work my image.

I’m starting with the new Nano, or should i say, the anorexic, supermodel Mini.

Then the mi-ized, clip-on Shuffle.
starting to come together quite well.

More to come.

this is fun.

holy crap, it was that long ago? i remember when this was posted, heh.
well looks nice so far, maybe you can use some of the new features that have came out since then in there.

oh, I sure will.

the boolean operations will be my best friend here.

That was harder than I thought.

Putting the holes in that mesh was a nightmare. I couldn’t get the booleans to do it right enough or clean enough.

oh well. I’ve got this now:
hard part’s over. smooth sailing ahead.
a bit of detail work

All that’s left now is the click wheel. then on to materials and stuff for it.

that’s one model finished.

here’s your clay nano:
Next up is the shuffle

Are you going to do the old or the new one?
new one. You can see I have the old one in the old render.

Progress so far on the shuffle:
pretty good for now.

The body’s gonna be the hard part.

Progress at last.
I got the shuffle’s body all modeled and molded.

Which means yet another model is finished.

I’ll start putting materials on these models now.

Boy, that tangent shader’s hard to manage.

But when you finally get the UV unwrapping right, boy, do the results look good:

Oh yeah.

This is the first of many new features i’ll be forcing myself to use.

more material work.

I think i got the aluminum-like look right. give me some feedback.